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The dead have risen, and they have a voracious desire for human flesh. The world is crumbling and falling straight to hell. Your friends and family have joined the undead, and they’re coming right at you. Zombies have been around for centuries. The word originated from Haiti, in which a human corpse is brought back to life by the use of magic. However, the meaning has subtly changed over the years. In stories and films, they frequently described them as a human corpse mysteriously revived from getting bitten by an infectious virus. Although seeking protection in military bases are essential issue to consider when faced with a zombie apocalypse, carrying weapons and food is of the utmost importance because it’ll increase the chances of survival in such a desperate situation.

If you end up having to outrun the zombies, you will need the resources to give your body the energy it needs to get through the day. During an apocalypse, no one will produce food to fill store shelves, which leaves the survivors to fend for themselves. One will need to gather certain foods that contain ‘carbohydrates and nutrients’ (10 Tips to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse) like canned goods, cereals, fruits, and water. It’s necessary to gather these certain foods as they will last a while and will be beneficial to surviving the apocalypse. Just like a power plant, it requires fuel to power its turbine and initiate energy. Similar to humans, we need to eat fuel, in the shape of food as they provide us with a variety of nutrients. Also, water is absolutely essential to have. A person can survive a month without food but will die after three days without water. These foods might not be enough for someone’s typical meal but are sufficient to survive the zombie apocalypse.

When a herd of zombies has breached your city or when a group of civilians wants to steal from you, you will need a weapon to defend yourself. Zombies might be dead, but they have ‘single-minded perseverance’ (Source C) for human flesh. If running away isn’t an option, you will need to defend yourself. Weapons like a gun are perfect when you need to dispatch a zombie at a distance. However, guns will eventually run out of ammo and will make a sound that will only attract the zombies. You could consider having hands-on weapons like knives, Katana, and baseball bats by your side instead. They can loop off a head or two in a swift swipe and are quieter than a gun. The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain, and the most sure-fire route is by carrying these types of weapons.

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But at the same time, many people might panic with the news and seek protection in military bases. Masses flee to military bases with the hope of ‘containing the outbreak’ (The New York Times). Military bases have food and medical supplies, communication equipment and, security control measures. They are also full of army-trained specialists who can handle a disaster scenario. Although it sounds like a good idea, this doesn’t automatically imply that they know how to deal with the undead. Swarms of people can quickly overrun the space of the military bases, and an infected individual may be one of them. It won’t be long until the infected contaminate the uninfected. Eventually, zombies will occupy any remaining military bases.

It’s significant to have a nurse to help you out during a zombie apocalypse. In films, a zombie infection usually happens through a bite wound or from the diffusion of bodily fluids. Nurses understand the danger of blood transmission, and hence they can help others, avoid being infected. Moreover, zombies can wreak some physical havoc, but nurses are well-versed in the proper medications to use for emergencies you may get while running for your life. Furthermore, not everyone can deal with seeing blood, viruses, and experiencing emotional pain at once. But nurses have the advantage. Nurses are the calm in the storm as they cope with such catastrophes every day.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, one should consider carrying weapons and food. For generations, stories of the zombie apocalypse have been popular around the world. We see them in shows, movies, and video games. People even dress up as a zombie for Halloween. However, not many of us contemplate what needs to be considered during a critical event. If a zombie apocalypse were to occur, everyone who dies would get back up, and the remaining humans would be outnumbered by one to a billion. Therefore, the survivors are as much dead as the actual dead walking.

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