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NAP ratio SSE further to 13. 6 percent from 12. 3 percent a year ago. Meanwhile, NAP coverage ratio was maintained at 29. 8 percent as in the previous year. The overall asset mix also became increasingly more inclined to investments in government securities relative to loans, in part, due to higher liquidity reserve requirements and, in part, due to more cautious lending policies. Deposit manipulation played a major role in stabilizing the banking system and sustaining modest asset growth. This was supported by fresh capital infusion by shareholders. I.

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metronome) Is a major universal bank in the Philippines. It is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange with the symbol MBA and is a member of Philippines Deposit Insurance Corporation. Metronome was established in 1962 and provides banking and financial products and services for individual consumers, businesses and corporate customers. It has a network of 752 branches and 1358 Tams across the Philippines as at 2010 (2010 Annual Report) as well as a web-based internet banking and mobile platform. Strength: Growth is high. It has increased its account holders.

At the flagship Holbrook store, $200 million in deposits which is four times the total at the average mature American ranch: Liquidity risk is less comparatively. Inclusion of variety of non-traditional services like pet friendly policy at stores and coin counting machines. Many awards have been won in three years which creates credibility in the market. It is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority Weaknesses: Opened recently and hence consumers may be skeptical about the same.

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Recording losses in PET. Since its launch, loss has exceeded 100 million pound in three years. Difficulty in raising funds from notable investors is one of their weaknesses. Opportunity: Its unique position as being the first High street bank can be leveraged. The non- traditional products can be incentive and the untapped market of it can be internet penetration Threats: Increasing competitor’s activity can reduce its market share. Fluctuating economic scenarios and unfavorable banking environment. II. Easiest Bank Was created on July 6, 1994 as the Philippines’ thirty-fourth commercial bank.

It was on that date that the Bangkok Central Eng Philippians granted Easiest Bank its immemorial banking license. Backed-up by the Filthiest Group of Companies, Easiest Bank opened to the public along Senator Gill Putty Avenue, Magmata on August 1, 1994. This was the comeback of the Agitation’s in the banking space after they sold the Insular Bank of Asia and America to PIBKAC in 1986 (which was acquired by Equitable Bank forming Equitable EPIC Bank which in turn was acquired by Banc De ROR in 2006) and Family Savings Bank to BPI (which was renamed BPI Family Savings Bank).

Strength: The bank offers a variety of banking and financial services through a network of round 110+ bank branches operating in the US, China, Philippines and Hong Kong. It is expanding its product portfolio by acquiring its competitors in various locations. The company has focused on industries with cross-border growth potential drives its bridge banking strategy. The dedicated banking experts, with specialized knowledge in key growth sectors, keep East West Bank at the forefront of opportunity in the U. S. And Greater China.

Good brand visibility in the domestic banking circuit in US Weakness: The asset base of the bank has been growing at a snail’s pace and this may be a cause for concern in the long term. Cash dues from other banks have increased and it signifies the weak credit terms of the bank which may have a debilitating effect on the performance Total equity of the bank has increased and this signifies a dilution in the ownership. Opportunities: The Philippines banking industry which suffered in the wake of the financial crisis seems to have recovered and this provides better opportunities to the banks.

The global asset management and custody banks sector is growing at a rapid pace. It can explore into this untapped potential to generate more profits. It can as well expand in Threats The US government framed the Dodd-Frank Act, significantly restructuring financial regulation in the US. These severe changes in regulations by US Federal government may affect operations and increase costs. Since the start of the global financial crisis, banking industry in the US has been undergoing a series of consolidations which could impact the margins.

Increasing number of online attacks may indirectly affect the revenue for the bank. Ill. HASH Banks Philippines Ltd Is one of the worlds largest banking and financial services organizations; the HASH Group has been doing business in the Philippines for almost 138 years. The Bank currently has a 16-strong total branch network (including 9 branches of the locally incorporated HASH Savings Bank) located in Metro Manila, Cube and Dave. STRENGTHS International Finance Since HASH is a global company itself is well qualified to advise other companies on aspects of international business.

With offices around the world, for the international client HASH often cannot be defeated in this area. HASH knows how to succeed in Mergers and Acquisitions (M & E) and the organic and the effective development. Record Profits Last year, HASH experienced the most profits ever for a I-J high street bank. HASH have revealed their profits more than doubled in 2010 to Ell billion with every region in the black for the first time since 2006. Listed in London HASH is listed primarily in London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, which saves the company a lot of grief in complying with new U. S. Legislation Serbians-Solely law.

Many companies have chosen to list on foreign stock exchanges, except America, because of expensive new regulations. China HASH has 140 years of experience in China. Since China is the place to be today for impasses and banks, HASH benefits for being so old Chinese company and accepted by the Chinese people. The best news for HASH is that, like other companies grow in China, it does too. The reason this happens is that it wins new customers and new global opportunities with each passing day. The HASH has the largest network of any foreign bank in China and deeply understands the Chinese market and the customer.

In a world that is increasingly going the way of China, this is quite a boon to HASH. WEAKNESSES Poor Performance There is a poor performance in the section of “personal finance services”. HASH try to fix these problem years ago. But the problem is there every year. Brand Name While it is certainly a global company, HASH came late in the game to decide to Because he had created so many different banks in different countries at different times over a period of one hundred years, which set them up with different names – Hong Kong Bank of Canada, the British Bank of the Middle East, etc.

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