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Longevity and strong brand name globally “Forevermore Diamonds”-natural, untreated, and responsibly sourced. Diamonds are forever? great slogan, top 100 advertising campaign (timeless slogan) Extensive ownership and substantial control of diamond production and sales Weaknesses: Strong competition equals limited market share Stiffer worldwide competition Increased production costs of mining

Opportunities: Engaging in new synthetic diamonds market, patenting the technology to produce diamonds of very similar quality Increase diamond sales by catering to larger target audience; potential untapped markets Expansion to other countries Threats: Government (antitrust legislation) and conflict diamonds (CARS) Threat of synthetic diamonds [Changing trends Increasing competition (Siberian mines now produce 18%/ leading Russian producer Lora’s) Recommendations:

De Beers has already taken the first steps in facing its challenges by adapting to the changing industry structure, addressing concerns of corporate social responsibility, and entering the direct operations in the United States. To expand and strengthen De Beers operations, the following is recommended: Multi-faceted advertising campaigns should focus on luxury versus necessity and incorporate the use of celebrities, product placement in movies/television, and print advertising.

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Market diamonds as a symbol of eternal love, appealing not only to peoples for engagements, but also to the non-traditional couples. Appeal to sentiments of an heirloom within the family unit, which would eliminate resale, and expand market to include single women worldwide (celebrating women/ independence). For example, when I went through a divorce several years ago, I purchased a pair of diamond earrings, not as a celebratory gesture, but as a reminder that no matter how difficult the trial and tribulations during that period, I survived. SOOT Analysis: De Beers By alternately

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