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Staffing systems refer to a sum of all the activities that a firm undertakes such as hiring, retaining, appraising, retraining, and dismissing its employees. Consequently, organizational strategy is a phenomenon, which explains the actions a firm plans to execute in order to meet its objectives. Proper alignment of staffing systems with organizational strategy leads to productive results in the firm and achievement of its objectives. Superior Energy Services is an organization that deals with the production of services and equipment used in oil drilling and supply. The organization is among the leading firms in the United States that supply drilling equipment and services for oil manufacturing companies. Therefore, the essay analyses the current orientation of Superior Energy Services and makes recommendations for its improvement.

There are various orientation frameworks advanced by scholars in the field of marketing and management. Among the scholars, who have advanced orientation frameworks include Miles and Snow. Miles and Snow outline three frameworks that a firm can adopt, which comprise defender, prospector, and analyzer. In defender orientation strategy, the firm ensures that its products are high-end and emphasizes low prices. The main objective of the framework is high quality that is achievable under minimal cost and low product prices (Dreher & Dougherty, 2002). Firms that adopt prospector frameworks have their focal point on aspects of marketing, innovation, and competition, and hence, encourage identification of new opportunities so that they become the leaders in the venture. Analyzer firms focus on modification and innovation of existing products and services from competitors to advance their quality. As a result, analyzers upgrade technologies of other products from existing firms and use them to win their target consumers.

The current orientation of Superior Energy Services reflects a prospectus organization, which has a staffing system that focuses on skills related to marketing and basic research. According to Dreher and Dougherty (2002), prospector firms look for new opportunities and lead in innovation. Since Superior Energy Services is a leader in the provision of oil drilling services and equipment, it qualifies to be a prospector firm. The firm’s strengths emphasize innovation, diversification, pricing, and competition. From the strengths outlined by the organization, it is evident that Superior Energy Services is a prospector firm that works on innovation, competition, and research. The staffing system of the organization focuses on people, who have skills in research, marketing, and are high innovators.

For improvement in the alignment of staffing systems and organizational strategy, the firm needs to hire the right human resources, retain them, and encourage higher productivity. Remarkably, modern society is full of consumers, who are concerned with quality and value for their money and are unwilling to purchase products that do not provide their expected levels of satisfaction. Therefore, the firm must improve its prospector orientation by ensuring that its products match consumer demands. For the successful achievement of its objectives, the firm should engage in internal training so that the present staff, who have relevant skills and expertise continue delivering the best. Moreover, the company has to retire old human resources and hire new vibrant employees, who have the capacity of introducing new ideas for enhanced product development (Dreher & Dougherty, 2002). Fundamentally, an effective staffing system, which is in line with organizational strategy, has outstanding results and enables firms to attain their desired goals.

Staffing systems and organizational strategies are very important in the achievement of organizational success. By matching organizational strategies with the right staffing systems, firms select human resources, who have the required expertise. Since Superior Energy Services is a prospector firm, it needs human resources, who are skilled in marketing and research. The focus on people, who have expertise in marketing and research transpires because the organization’s current orientation focuses on innovation, diversification, and leadership in the oil industry. To continue leading, the firm has to retain and retrain present employees, hire new vibrant, and innovative employees, and retire old employees. Using this system of staffing and improved prospector orientation, the firm is likely to achieve its future targets and objectives.


Dreher, G., & Dougherty, T. (2002). Human Resource Strategy: A Behavioral Perspective for the General Manager. Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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