Content Strategy, Usability, and Competitive Analysis Workshop ,Read though this document and the accompanying links and then fill out the worksheet . The reading its in the attachment, and the worksheet too at the end of the word doc.
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Content Strategy, Usability, and Competitive Analysis
Read though this document and the accompanying links and then fill out the worksheet and
submit it to Moodle by Monday at 3pm.
Part 1: SEO
Web sites use metadata to describe their content (titles, descriptions and keywords) in
addition to the regular text that is found within web pages. Relevant text titles,
keywords and descriptions help trigger higher Google rankings so that your site can be
found. Making sure your site is easily found is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
Here’s an example from Wix.
Before continuing, read the following short articles on SEO: (read all 4 mini-articles) (read all 3 mini-articles)
1. You can use keyword tools to help find the best phrases to integrate into your web site.
Click on the Wordstream link below. Try entering in photography major as a keyword.
Note that photography major does not rank highly, but photography classes does. That
means, if I wanted to market our photography major, I might want to include the phrase
“photography classes” to help trigger Google searches.

Free Keyword Tool

2. Using the Wordstream link above, try entering some keywords related to your own
client’s business/organization and note what related searches come up. For example,
entering barber for keyword and virginia for location gives you “hair cut” and “barber
shop near me” as some alternative choices.
Record some of the most relevant generated keywords and phrases below (keeping in
mind what you read in the SEO guides):
3. Now, use those new keywords and phrases to help you locate competitor web sites on
Google. For example “barber shop near me” gives three barbershops located in
Harrisonburg. Find three competitor web sites that offer similar services to you client.
Record their titles and web addresses below:
4. In addition to keywords, using specific headings and pages titles are very important
for triggering good Google results. What kind of distinctive keywords, headings and page titles are
helping to trigger the high rankings of the competitor web sites you found in Google? (SEO). For example:
“West side Barber Shop Styling Salon – The Best on the West Side of Harrisonburg”
List 6 examples from the sites you found below:
Part 2: Design and Usability
This next section assumes you have read Don’t Make Me Think chapters 8,9, and 11
What are some design, audience and content features the three competitor web sites have in common?
These may be some of the essential features for your site. (For example: barber sites might have a
schedule, contact and photogallery section)
What contributes to site usability in these competitor web sites? What detracts from usability? (Discuss
things like navigation, ability to perform common tasks and find information quickly … or not)
What are some innovative or unique features that you might want to adopt? (For example: barber sites
might have a social media review system set up)
Are there any other issues with any of these sites that you want to avoid?
Within this competitive landscape, how can you distinguish your organizational site?

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