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Life, as we know it, should be seen as a gift given to us as the beauty of life makes living our lives worth living. The beauty of life comes in many varying degrees, from person to person. Still, from the vast varying degrees of life, there also comes inequality in how the beautiful essence of life becomes distributed from one person to another. The varying degrees of life range from poor rural people to high-class urban people. Life is a constant uphill climb, with the more fortunate people climbing a hill and the less fortunate climbing a mountain. Many people climb their mountains to one day hope to be able only to climb a hill, or many people would also climb their mountain so that their future generations could climb the hill that their past generation has set them up to rise to view the beauty of life. Many of these people are parents who only want the very best for their children as their parents want their children to experience what they could not while growing up. Many parents, including my own, had fought and continued to fight for their children as they want to see the opportunities they were not given when they were young. The fight for the beauty of life is a constant struggle being dealt with by many parents. Still, they continue to fight for their children to view the beauty of life that was given to them through the fight their parents had fought to give their children the opportunities and freedom they are offered today.

Life is fought for to be able to move away from the hardships and limited opportunities, to be able to seek a new way of life hopefully. Many immigrant parents share the same story; they had grown up in a poverty-bound area where opportunities and happiness were almost nonexistent. These parents had known from an early age that from the situation they were in, they became trapped in their poverty-based community with no escaping their harsh realities. Many parents accept their planned fate, while others seek and continue to fight to have a slim chance of viewing the beauty that is life. The captivating walls built around the society, which many parents could not overcome by leaving, are often the separation point in either remaining home with your hopes only now a dream of leaving everything behind to have a chance to improve the quality of life. With only a few who have determined themselves in search of finding the beauty of life, only a smaller percentage will have any success in discovering the goal they had been searching for. To discover their goals, many people fight a constant battle to remain to view their beauty in life. In Mexico, many parents and families move away to seek better opportunities for their future, as well as for the future of their children. These parents and family members from Mexico will almost always travel north to reach the border between the United States and Mexico. Throughout the past couple of years, many people attempt to cross this border, which has, over time, become more challenging to cross as law enforcement and physical barriers stand between hope and life lost in agriculture. With the few who had luck on their side to pass through the gates that lead into the United States, any small misdemeanor with any law enforcement called will result in the possible life-threatening journey going to waste.

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Illegal immigrants first ventured through the US territory as the United States had advertised their land as the one place in the world for freedom. Freedom in many poverty-bound areas within a country had almost been nonexistent how the only possible way to survive was to grow crops and raise cattle in which. Thousands of people, especially parents, flooded through the border to able to escape their past and rebuild a future for themselves and their children. Life in the United States for many immigrants was a drastic change. Many immigrants flooded the labor jobs throughout America as they were the only jobs available that did not need a level of education. The dream from an outside view these immigrants may not have looked like any dream was accomplished, but to the immigrants, they had seen success as for what they were getting paid; it was the equivalent of a week’s worth of pay in the harsh labor areas back at home. Discrimination often got the best of these immigrants, however, like now, the only obstacle that they faced were the people who have taken what they had for granted and of course, law enforcement. It was like ‘living in the shadows’ claimed my parents as any wrong move or anything that stood out that would not have been seen as ‘American’ would make you stand out. Illegal immigrants, especially ones with children, have to fear the most over these situations as their children, if born in the United States and having parents born in Mexico, would almost certainly end up with the parents being sent back and the children put in foster care. These morbid regulations often get overseen as even though yes, these parents do not belong to the United States, no they do not do it to leave their country, they do it for their children who have no say in what their background states where or what they should be doing.

Through the life of a child from immigrant parents, the normality in that child’s life is close to none as new dangers emerge from your association. Many children of immigrant parents are told to keep their mouths silent and never to describe any personal detail. The strict regulations brought by the child’s parents are to only protect their family, as with any information leaking out into the abyss of the unknown territory they are in, the more likely they will be saying their final goodbye. My parents always told me to watch out for police officers and to be cautious about my surroundings. Many parents, in general, say these things, but having partial responsibility that one day will not be able to go home with your parents shows the severe matter that children of immigrant parents deal with regularly.

The beauty of life is taken for granted by many people, but these people have not seen how much trouble many people, like immigrant parents, go through to have a small glimpse of the true beauty of life before it is handed over to their children. The children have all the freedom in the new world they are in, while the parents can only shadow the lives of their children as they remember their recent past. The beauty of life is a gift to all, but it is also a gift distributed unequally, as one child is brought home to their two-story house, while the other is brought home to their shed next to gardening tools. Freedom and opportunities can be handed out to everyone, it just takes a long fight for the unfortunate to obtain them, but in the end, the beauty of life awaits the one who has fought the most to enjoy what he has conquered.

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