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Topic and Purpose

We all experience stress whether we want to admit it or not. Many health problems are induced by stress, it is important that we understand how it affects our body and learn effective stress management techniques that will work for us rather than against us.

The definition of time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities (E. Reeder,2018). Some employers offer time management skills techniques for employees to help lessen their stress. The relationship between time management and stress is negative. In other words, stress will decrease with the right tools for time management. Some have a great deal of responsibilities at work and home. It will benefit you to keep track of responsibilities at both home and work. Some often use a notebook or keep a file on their computer that they check for tasks, projects, meetings, and other required responsibilities. I find that calendars are the best tool for important dates, tasks, and meetings. Setting a calendar reminder provides me with proper notification of an upcoming task, meeting, or project.

Potential Significance

The study of human relations looks at the interaction between people in the workplace and students. From studying for my master’s in leadership development to working from home during a pandemic, I understand how one can be stressed. Highly stressed employees and students are less productive, experience more health issues, and tend to be removed from family and friends. Therefore, good management is needed to combat stress. This critical reflection will examine signs of stress and focus on how to manage stress and time management.

Stress in the workplace does not only come from conflicts between employees, but it can also come from dealing with customers, or just daily tasks of work. The uncertainty of an organization’s policy can also result in tension.

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Research shows that over 87% of employees worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their work and are likely to be unproductive. It is important not to overlook or ignore stress management. We should not ignore or overlook stress. Stress can escalate to a point where it becomes dangerous to the well-being of the organization or even to our health.

The new perspective that I plan to bring to stress and time management is that we are not alone. There are several ways of coping with stress and time management without ourselves. Having positive communication, and good management are all good ways to deal with stress within the workplace. Often, employers look for ways to create stress-free work environments to help motivate employees and to assist with production. Motivation is hard to achieve if the team is not motivated or has the proper tools to keep them motivated. In my personal experience, motivation comes with having a passion for what you do. If an employee is not happy with their job, they will not be motivated to be successful with it.

Framework and General Research Questions

I plan to bring to light how to cope with stress and time management within the workplace and in our personal lives. The research will include the following:

    1. Does leadership help us to be inspired by the purpose and mission statements?
    2. Do organizations provide acceptable work-life balance?
    3. Has the pandemic caused additional stress?
    4. Do organizations realize or care how much stress an employee is under?


There are several limitations on stress and time management. Stress can cause health issues, irritability, withdrawal from family and friends, and depression. Lack of time management leads to stress. Stress limits our ability to interact, work efficiently, be in good health, and just have good overall peace of mind. Time management helps with work-life balance.

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