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I will never forget my best friend from seventh grade, Naseem. He was extremely shy and was excluded by my peers for that reason. That being so, I made it my job to make him feel like a part of the class. A couple of weeks later, after many failed attempts, he warmed up to me and would only talk to me. Throughout the year, he would get pulled out of class, but no one knew where he would go. Once, I decided to ask him, and all he said was, “My speech teacher helps me.” With this very vague answer, I went to his ‘speech teacher’ and asked her what she had been helping him with. I remember her exact words: “I help Naseem talk with everyone and have fun.” She kept her response short and direct, yet I was astounded. It might have been the goal she described, the confidence she exhibited, or the joy she aspired to instill in Naseem; but at the time, I was simply amazed. I clearly remember going home and telling my parents that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

Now, 9 years later, here I am with a growing passion for speech pathology. I feel that my goal in life is to serve my community and to give people the confidence to be themselves. Communication is the most important life skill; it enables one to connect with the people around them. For me, it would be so rewarding to facilitate the making of those connections. After I transferred from Suffolk County Community College and started my speech pathology studies at St. Joseph’s College, it confirmed that speech pathology was right for me. I am a diligent person and a good – but not exceptional- student so far. The fact that my grades are higher in my Communication Disorder classes than in other classes reflects my dedication to this area of study.

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My strength is my ability to easily connect with children; however, working with the adult/geriatric population intimidates me due to my lack of experience. I want to accept the challenge of working with different age groups. However, since I am pulled towards the direction of working with children, I shadowed a speech pathologist for a short time. This short amount of time I had observing a speech pathologist at an elementary school showed me the importance of having patience while working with children and proved my love towards the younger aged population.

I am prepared to work harder than I have ever worked before, and I am confident my personal qualities will be a great contribution to your graduate program. I cannot wait to become a speech-language pathologist, and I hope that I will be able to take the next step and pursue my graduate degree at Hofstra.

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