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For this assignment, I will choose this assignment to do an observation of a child who is living in my Neighbourhood. This child is a 10-year-old female who is studying in school. She is older than her brother who is 6 years old and also studied in school. She has an obesity problem which creates problems in her behavior. This special child was used ‘nonverbal’, although she is known to use some selected words (no, yes, she goes away,). This girl used some words which show that she is very irritating to talk to someone else. They want to spend time alone. She has an obesity problem. I have chosen to do my observation work for this child because the classroom and home supporters were not seeing that it was doing ‘random explosions of anger’ and they did not understand why this problem occurred. “An ABC Chart is a direct observation tool that can be used to collect information about the events that are occurring within a student’s environment” (The University of Kansas). The following is the operational definition and hypothesis statement based on the initial discussion and comments.

Operational definition of anger or anger: shouting, throwing things away, and punching the child.

Hypothesis Statement: when anyone annoyed her she liked to do these types of things.

ABC Observation Chart / Date and Time / Setting Condition/Event / Antecedent

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  • Behaviour
    • When did the behavior occur?
    • What factors may have set the stage?
    • What happened before the behavior occurred?Consequence
    • What was the behavior?
    • What did it look like? Sound like? Feel like?
    • What was the response to the behavior?
    • What is maintaining or decreasing the behavior?Possible triggers

25 February 2019 / 7:15 pm

  • Habit
    • Routine: In the house
    • Trigger: Daily want to eat fast food.
    • She has an obesity problem.
    • Narita shout. She is angry.
    • As a result: brought him a burger.
    • Therefore the function is: Tangible and positively reinforcing
    • Strengthening as a focus to get solid content (burger); Leaves to get the fast food after a shout for some time.

26 February 2019 / 10:40am

  • Teasing
    • Routine: In the classroom
    • Student calls Narita to say fatty.
    • Trigger: Peers annoy him about his weight.
    • She slapped on her face.
    • As a result: Student run away
    • Therefore the function is: Escape

26 February 2019 / 4:00 pm

  • Treatment
    • Routine: In the hospital
    • Trigger: The doctor told Narita that if she does not stop eating fast food and will have an injection every day
    • Feel upset
    • As a result: She stopped eating more fast foods.
    • Therefore the function is: to vary about the problem and To get attention

27 February 2019 / 6:00 pm

  • Spent time
    • Routine: In the Playground
    • Trigger: She spent time with friends
    • The parents asked her if she enjoyed but she did not give any answer.
    • As a result: She spends the whole day in her room.
    • Therefore the function is: Although she left his habit she does not like to talk to anyone


Final Operation Definition: Consequences are the outcome of behavior. Their parents should tell her the disadvantages of fast food with love and affection then it would prove fruitful in her future.

Anger: shouting, throwing things away, and punching the child.

These events are happening wants to eat fast food and spend time with his friends. Why is she upset?

In conclusion, these events happen when she wants to eat fast food and when she spends time with his friends. Why is she upset? To Increase communication methods (e.g. anxiety book, texting), to give an outlet to tell what is happening. Work with him on social skills and express feelings to give you more appropriate ways of expressing yourself. I want to see that anger has ceased but apart from this, I want to be able to find another way to do this. I want to know more about her life at home, to determine the events that arise at home, at school at his time. I want to know more about his life at home, to determine the events that arise at that time. She is Narita who is studying in school and she has an obesity problem. Narita consumes fast food every day and the doctor has said it has a bad effect on her health because she has obesity problems. Narita told her mother that she wanted to eat a burger. Her mother said ‘no,’.She shouted and lay on the ground for a long time. Then her mother brought him a burger. Another student teases him for the reason of fatty. She loves fast food and does not want to live without fast food. The doctor told Narita that if she does not stop eating fast food and will have an injection every day. Listen to that and felt upset! She stopped eating more fast foods. She spent time with a friend. The parents asked him if she enjoyed but she did not give any answer. She spends the whole day in your room.

I observed that Narita changed her behavior from time to time. Narita’s behavior is changing because of her obesity. When she asks for a burger and her parents refuse to eat him. Narita screams in anger against her stubbornness. When his classmates call him thick, she puts a slap on the child. She is angry at the child. To get treatment for Narita, the doctor scares the injection’s name so that if she does not leave her habit she will be injected. Then she gets frustrated and ready to leave her favorite. She loves to spend time with friends and likes to go out on a weekend with his friends, but when her family asked him how she was enjoying she remained silent. The whole day she stayed in her room and did not talk to anyone. The fear of injection did not have any reason to stop him from eating fast food, if his family had explained him with loving feelings, then he would not have to do it.

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