PLEASE READ THE FILE I ATTACH REAL CAREFULLY!!! THIS IS ONLY A PART OF INSTRUCTION!!!Southern California has one of the most diverse linguistic populations in the USA. The
widespread Spanish speaking communities from Central and South America, Iranian (Persian)
community in Irvine, Vietnamese community in Orange County, Armenian community in
Glendale, the largest Korean diaspora in Koreatown Los Angeles, people speaking various
Chinese languages in the San Bernardino valley, several South Asian language communities in
Artesia, Russian, Polish, Thai communities in West LA, only to mention a few.§ Your task is to select one minority immigrant linguistic community of Southern
California, other than your native language, and write a report about it.
§ Please do not write your report about English language speakers (we are focusing on
minority linguistic communities). We won’t be grading projects written about English
§ The report should be:
• 4-5 pages, plus one page of citations
• Minimum 2 pages of interview transcript (see section V) • Size 12 Times New Roman fonts
• 1.5 spaced
• 1-inch margin on all sides.

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