Communication and group dynamics are important elements within the leading facet of the P-O-L-C framework. Read the following article from CNNdescribing Bernie Ebbers’ downfall as CEO of WorldCom: Ex-WorldCom CEO Ebbers guilty. Based on what you read in the article, in your initial post, identify which two barriers to effective communication were most prominent within WorldCom and explain how these barriers led to the downfall of the company. Be specific and identify the communication barriers based on the information in Chapter 11 of your text. In responding to your peers, comment on whether you believe the concept of groupthink may have played a part in the downfall of WorldCom, especially as it pertains to its board. How you would overcome the communication barriers and groupthink to ensure organizational success?To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.Respond to these two peers:1. Ebbers withheld information and acted like he did not know anything. He tried to keep all the fortune for himself which backfired on him. Ebbers was the mastermind of this fraud. This is an example of filtering. Filtering is The distortion or withholding of information to manage a person’s reactions. (OL Textbook) Not only did he withhold information, but he also tried to manipulate the situation so that it looked like he did not have any knowledge of it. This is also an example of the communication barrier selective perception, The personal filtering of what we see and hear to suit our own needs. In my opinion, this was a very selfish man who wanted more and greed got to him and wanted others to be punished for it. Eliza 2. Good Evening Professor and Classmates,The downfall of Worldcom was made possible by two barriers in communication that helped hide what they were really doing. The first is Filtering this is when someone manipulates the true to gain more support for the venture at hand or to make the business seem more profitable than it actually is. By manipulating the loan companies the Ebbers was able to gain loans that they really were not going to pay back. The second barrier is Selective Perception, this is when an employee knows something is wrong but just ignores it due to maybe not wanting to lose their job. Ebbers stated that he knew nothing, yet I found it odd that he resigned as CEO just two months before the Bankruptcy. This to me would indicate he knew something was not right and that it was all about to come crashing down.

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