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These days, some young people feel the need for a quick burst of energy. There is a cheap and quick option for this – caffeinated drinks, which are found all over common cities. However, drinking caffeine leads to greater dangers that cause life-changing problems. Adolescents and young men are linked to high dosage caffeinated drinks, and numerous serious problems come from it. For various reasons, caffeinated drinks should require an age limit to purchase. Finally, mixing caffeinated drinks with alcohol is becoming a trend nationwide. Consuming caffeine while under the influence of alcohol causes you to feel less drunk, but you are the same level of intoxication as the person who drinks alcohol by itself.

Caffeinated drinks may cause severe issues to the human body with excessive use. Caffeine’s effect can become harder to achieve as each time you take a dosage, it will take a little bit more to produce the same effect causing a need for raising the amount intake. Drinking high doses of caffeine, although rare, may cause seizures, stroke, rapid heart rate, delirium, and even sudden death. Most of the people consuming this amount are not sure of the severity of it. The need for energy drives people to take unnecessary risks that they are not sure even exists, and in extremely unfortunate events, their lives can completely change unexpectedly.

Adolescent and young men are the biggest consumers of energy drinks which, surprisingly, they are the ones with the most to fear. Consumption of caffeine comes with a number of side effects, but while being a teenager the number of side effects becomes bigger and deadlier. Consumption of caffeine at any age before twenty-five would put the person double the risk than someone who over that age…of seizures, mania, stroke, and sudden death. The risk is significantly more severe to youth because their body is still growing, yet big corporations advertise to the youth to make money from them. When children are feeling down and need energy, there is always an option they know that can be quick and very inexpensive, and most go to this option excessively, which creates a habit and more issues.

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Some people will argue that caffeinated drinks can lift someone up and let them have a productive day, even when they do not feel like they can, and that the energy gained outweighs the unwanted side effects. The person that does drink energy drink feels that they need it because they would be too tired to complete the day and fall asleep too early. However, doing so can cause a breakdown of the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus, which causes an off-balance of the natural sleep-wake cycle, which may never fully recover. The initial goal of gaining energy is counterattacked and the person starts to get a lack of sleep which causes more drowsiness and causes more of a problem. Drinking caffeine can lead to a cycle of adding more dosage and having more and more of a problem with energy, the safe thing to do is to avoid drinking them when possible.

Drinking caffeine not only can cause problems on its own, but when combined with alcohol, it can be deadly. Alcohol is a depressant, and caffeine is a suppressant, so caffeine can mask the effects of being drunk for a little amount of time and provide a false sense of sobriety, which causes some to drink more alcohol while still being the same level of intoxication as to prior the caffeine. Caffeine with alcohol can lead to unsafe consumption of alcohol and four out of ten people admit to having a mixture of caffeine and alcohol in the last year. Many people understand the dangers of mixing these two substances and do so in caution, but many teens do not know how to control themselves which can lead to dangerous situations.

The problems that energy drinks bring could be avoided, if there was a limit on what age someone had to be to buy one. This would be very significant in stopping the use of energy drinks for adolescents and would provide general wellness to the community.

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