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Health issue has always been our prior concern, especially for the younger generations. The fondness for junk food among youngsters is one of the major reasons that had led to great impacts on children’s health. By definition, junk food refers to food with high calories yet low in nutritional content; something that is appealing and enjoyable, for example, fried fast food, carbohydrates, and food with processed sugar ingredients, will highly increase the risk of obesity thus affecting children’s body growth. According to the World Health Organization (2017), data shows that the number of children who are overweight and obese has increased by 9 million from the year 1990 to 2016, it is also estimated that if the trend proceeds, the number will upturn to 70 million by 2025.

School is a significant factor that should introduce a healthy lifestyle and promote the importance of good health to students thus junk food should be banned in school. Junk food affects students on a healthy basis, it causes students to be overweight which leads to the problem of obesity. Many people have misunderstandings or even underestimated the impacts that obesity could bring, there are many more complications, the high sugary level in the body that would lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, having diabetes at a young age might also cause one to lose their sight in later life. All the above diagnoses will affect our health in long term, they usually develop silently and slowly over time, and one might not even notice. In addition, the aftermath of overeating junk food will cause bad brain functions too, studies show that overeating and obesity are related to the neuroscience of addiction, the inclination of wanting to eat and cravings for junk food are demonstrations of addictive implications. (Fraser, 2013) Junk food not only affects our inside body health, but it also derives outlook problems on teenagers’ appearance. For teenagers, puberty is a peak period where they face changes in their body growth.

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There are various unpredictable factors that might affect their outlook appearance, as the problem of obesity mentioned previously, people might look rather husky, plumb, and chubby. And taking too much junk food and high glycemic food, will increase oil production out of our body and irritates the skin layer that might cause rashes and can trigger pimples. In a society where people pursue perfectionism of standardized beauty for being slender and bony, a chubby plump body shape with pimples all over the face is definitely the contrary. Being the odds and outnumbered, will lead to teenagers having low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. School is the place where teenagers spend most of their time with youths, it is also the bridge where teenagers first get in contact with society. School not only has the responsibility to teach students knowledge but also guide them to walk the right path. There are many choices to make in life, it is hard for teenagers to distinguish between right and wrong, therefore it is momentous that the school promotes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Teenagers assimilate most skills at a young age, things that they learn and acknowledge will influence them in the long term.

A healthy diet is necessary, we should eat more vegetables and fruits as our body needs to absorb good nutrients like vitamins and omega three, in order to store up sufficient bacteria to fight against disease when we are ill, also it helps to reduce the chances of getting sick. Although some might claim that banning junk food at school is not an effective act. As stated in one research study, shows that “principals oppose schools becoming obesity treatment centers. They do not believe teachers or parents would support such programs.” (Price, Desmond & Stelzer, 1987). First of all, banning junk food at school would not help to improve students’ health as they could still get them outside school, there are various options that could be easily found in supermarkets and stalls which the situation would be much worse. Students might probably be more indulgent and tend to eat more, as it is vastly restricted in school, plus it is an act against human rights forbidding one to eat. Since there are many vending machines in school, it is more practical if the school import relatively ‘healthy’ snacks, for instance, low-sugar candies, dark chocolates, and rich protein-fit bars.

Eating junk food is likely to be the way how students relieve stress, they find enjoyment and tranquillity in it. Besides, school is a place for children to learn, it has the responsibility to teach students to choose and distinguish what is best for them instead of protecting them by obstructing all potential danger. Taking everything into account, it can be clearly stated that junk food should be banned in school. Along with the uprising trend of children getting obese, we should solemnly be concerned about the situation. Junk food affects students’ health by escalating their body weight, which aggrandizes the risk of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, junk food impacts students’ outlook appearance their unappealing body shapes, and secreting excessive oil which leads to the breakout of acne on their faces, which is a vicious cycle thus lowering their self-esteem and lack of confidence.

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