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Teenagers should be permitted to get first power without maternal permission.” Birth control is a freedom that should be available to teens without their parent’s consent; Birth control is a freedom of fundamental human rights.” Teens are deciding to have sex without their parent’s consent, therefore I think birth control should be the same when it comes to protecting themselves against pregnancy and other life-changing decisions.

Today teenagers between the ages of thirteen through eighteen should be able to find a form of birth control without the permission of their parents. The odds of teens reaching out to their parents about getting birth control are probably slim to none. We would all love to live in a perfect world, but of course, the world isn’t perfect. A question to whom all would oppose teens being allowed to purchase birth control without their parent’s consent would be “How important is your teenager’s future to you?”

Birth control should remain accessible to teenagers without their parents being involved. With birth control, there would be fewer teens becoming early parents. Contraceptives allow teens to be more responsible with their choices. Birth control can also reduce the amount of time women conceive. Women who use birth control are less likely to conceive unexpectedly.

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That option equals yours should teens get the right to first power without their parent’s permission. This response is yes because statistics reveal that it remains one of the primary reasons for a lot of unplanned pregnancies. In 2013, there were 26.5 births for every 1,000 adolescent females ages 15-19 or 273,105 babies born to females in this age group. That’s an increase of about 2 percent from 1998. That’s more than double the rate of pregnancy among all other groups. That’s why it is important to have a plan for your child and plan how you want to keep her healthy. If you don’t have a plan, then there are many ways to help your child with the right care. Another way is by giving them a prescription for birth control pills.

Clinics that will provide birth control to minors without the mother’s license are called Title X clinics. These clinics get federal funding, so they won’t have to follow the same rules as the other clinics in Texas that are funded by the state.

The only difference is that Medicaid and planned parenthood do not fund birth control. Medicaid provides health care for pregnant women, it also provides contraception but it does not cover abortions. If you need help with your health care you can go to the clinic and pay for it, because Medicaid has a fee-for-service model. 

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