I have attached my proposal essay, but this is only the annotated bibliography. Does not need to be a long summary, just a brief summary.This is my school’s database : Supplemental Resources on Research Skills.Login; LORENAPIPassword: 5508An annotated bibliography is used to help you build upon and become more familiar with your research topic. In addition, it is to help you become aware of the different perspectives and points of view surrounding the argument in your topic. For example, let’s say your research topic is on racial relations in the 21st century. Your argument is that we are not living in a post-race society, that as a nation we still have to recognize and address institutional racism (that a company can be deeply rooted in generations of racism despite having a CEO of color). You would definitely want to find articles that help you develop and articulate your point of view, but you also want to become familiar with those who would disagree with you (and believe me there will be some very strong voices ready to debate your position). That is, you want to capture the tenor of the argument (read: how heated the debate is and where people get excited discussing the argument). Your annotated bibliography captures this pulse.Criteria: Please find a total of four articles: two articles that support your argument and two articles that disagree with your argument. Two of the four articles must be from any of the school’s databases. They do not necessarily have to be peer reviewed (scholarly), but they do need to be from any of the database. The other two sources are open. You can use blogs, websites, videos, etc to help you. **If you need help how to get on to the school’s database, please review Supplemental Resources on Research Skills. **Here is a reminder on how to access eBooks, websites, and Google scholar to help you find quality articles.**Here is the link that will take you back to Unit Eleven’s Class Lesson on Annotated Bibliography and Works Cited page.*You will set up the annotated bibliography using the model here that you learned in this week’s lesson: Annotated Bibliography Example.*Here are two outstanding annotated bibliography examples from a previous class:Model Annotated Bibliography #1Model Annotated Bibliography #2

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