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Self-reflection is the capacity of a person that enables us to analyze our behavior and thoughts from our own life experiences. As with our busy lives, we keep moving forward and we don’t stop to reflect on ourselves. We continue to work on our jobs because of our responsibilities even though we hate them. On the other hand, our job environment can make us feel stressed and unhappy which ends up with depression. Therefore, we need to stop what we do and take our own time to think about what’s working and what’s not, which helps us to identify what we can continue to do and what needs to change.

Firstly, every person thinks differently in different situations. Sometimes we do things knowingly and we will regret it later. I have an experience in my life which I would like to share about it. In Feb 2017, I was working with an MNC company where we had five projects ongoing and were fully engaged and the whole team where responsible for working for more than 10 hours every day to complete the project on time. At that time my grandmother called over the phone I was at my office, so I just picked up the call and I asked her to rush on whatever she wanted to say and hung up the phone. After a few days on Feb 17, 2017, I received a call from my family that my grandmother was hospitalized when I rushed to the hospital she was finding it difficult to breathe in and out. That is when I realized the seriousness of her condition I spent most of the day in the hospital to find a moment to talk to her, but I failed. On the same day midnight, she passed away. At that moment I was stuck, and I had so many questions going on my head and I couldn’t find answers. I had one thing going over and over again in my mind I was too late. This was a very bad experience in my life and I wanted to take the opportunity to learn and reflect on myself.

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The important mitigating factor involved in this situation is “Take time to talk to people” (James Schmidt, 2015). We should learn to control our time and manage it accordingly to spend with people we love. Even though we have a limited time make use of them to listen and talk and let them know how you feel. Another important mitigating factor is to be happy with what you have. In this fast-paced world, we place ourselves in unfavorable conditions and put more pressure on our work life to get a promotion or for a high-paying job. Due to the work pressure, we neglect our family and friends from seeing them. Therefore, to have a work-life balance one should give a break from their busy lives and connect with people they care which helps us in understanding the meaning of life. Inner criticism is another mitigating factor involved in this scenario. “The critical inner voice is that internal observer that hurtfully judges our thoughts and actions” (Lena Firestone, 2017). This inner voice will constantly remind us again and again of the negative thoughts of any unpleasant situation that happened in our lives. Therefore, these thoughts will make us more depressed and eventually, we will suffer from mental or physical issues. To overcome this, we should always surround ourselves with positive people and build positive relationships. Spending more time with our family makes us feel good, as our loved ones appreciate us and accept us as who we are. Having strong relationships can be our biggest strength in our life which helps us to overcome our barriers and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Building a strong relationship doesn’t mean we have to always say yes to other people this relationship will result in overburdening and depression and eventually we will burst out our feelings and thoughts at some point in time. It is always better to say no and explain to the other person in a different way which makes them understand what we want to do. “To feel good about yourself, it is important to have integrity and make sure that your actions match your words” (Lena Firestone, 2017).

In conclusion, in today’s world with our technology which helps us to connect with our loved ones still we find reasons to say we have no time. The moment you realize you going to lose someone is when you realize the value of the relationship you had with them. Because we never know, we might lose someone just like that in no time for which you feel like you have lost a part of yourself and it can never be replaced. Everyone is working hard to reach their dream and ambitions in life, but we shouldn’t fail to enjoy our journey getting there. This situation in my life helped me to think of human relations and I started to work on my own behavior and understand my strengths and weaknesses to maintain a healthy relationship with the people surrounded by us.


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