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A self-reflection essay about what i have done, my contribution to the group and what i have learned

This module has been very insightful and has exposed me to rare areas in the application of AIData Science and the ethical issues that arises. The use of AIData Science has been widely adopted in many organizations and in different disciplines both by private companies and by the government of different nations. During the lectures and tutorials, different examples and case studies have been captured and presented on the application of AIData Science at the enterprise level by companies and by government regulators. key ethical issues that arise in the cause of applying AIData Science have also been critically analysed.

At the onset, the class was divided into different teams having a maximum of five members. Each team was to select a topic and conduct research on the application of AIData Science and its underlining ethical concern in their chosen areas, which is to be presented and discussed to the large class.

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In my team, our focus was to research the application of artificial intelligence in finance and the ethical concerns applicable. As a team member, I was saddled with the responsibility of discussing and presenting the application of AI in preventing fraudulent transactions and combating financial crime. In order to effectively deliver on this topic, I conducted a critical review of different relevant articles both academic and from adversaryconsulting companies (Deloitte, KPMG, etc). I also looked into the regulatory and ethical concern using the EU General Data Protection Regulation standard that arises from the use of artificial intelligence in preventing financial crime. My findings were shared with members of my team and also presented to the class.

During the cause of my research, I came across some interesting findings on the kind of machine learning algorithms applied by organisations in preventing fraud which is basically the supervised learning model. This is because the issues of finance and crime have great legal implications and as such must be handled within a controlled technology. I realize that the responsibility of mitigating fraudulent transactions using AI in financial institutions cannot simply be left to the technology functions of the organisation alone. Also, creativity, compassion, and broad ethical judgment are critical attributes to harnessing responsible and useful applications for AI and broad governance is critically needed.

In conclusion, the Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Application module has been a very helpful class in learning about a wide variety of topics about AIData Science application across sectors and the ethical concerns that hinder its adoption. Through the weekly classes and lab sessions, I have grasped a great deal about the use of AI in cities (smart cities) health, retail, and finance. Most importantly the ethical concerns that arise from the application of artificial intelligence in these sectors. I now have a good knowledge of how AIData Science is applied in finance to prevent fraud and combat money laundry. I have also been exposed to key research methodology and how to review articles. Also, from the feedback gotten from the mock presentation conducted, my presentation skills have been greatly improved. No doubt I have acquired good transferable skills which will be applied in other endeavours both academically and professionally.

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