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What I find most intriguing about Biology is that the human body is a natural machine more efficient than any manmade object. Humans cannot dream of creating anything on its level of accuracy and specialization, which sparked an interest in me to become more curious and find out how mechanisms work in such unity. I find it satisfying when information interconnects to make a bigger picture, the way Biology does. For example, the circulatory, digestive, and immune are individual complex systems but all influence each other and work together in harmony to create a functioning body. I took an immediate interest in Biology, as I found it exciting to learn how molecules at a microscopic level can influence bigger structures. This is explored, when the absence of p53 or the presence of a faulty p53, can lead to a production of a damaged cell that can then advance to tumor formation. What I love most about Biology is being able to fully explain the biology behind a topic to family and friends.

Having studied Biology, I now have a higher appreciation for the diversity of living organisms and biological principles, and is something that I want to enhance by studying Biology in greater depth at University. To increase my knowledge of Biology, I watch documentaries, attend seminars, and read published scientific research. As a twin, I find documentaries on monozygotic and dizygotic twins very engaging. One seminar explained how interactions with individuals during childhood can mentally scar the brain. This was interesting as I was able to see how biology can be used to explain social problems. I research topics not taught in school, such as MRSA, as it helps me to see Biology from a wider perspective.

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I enjoy researching Biology as I can connect studies of different biologists into one big picture. Through researching, I have been able to learn the life active biologists lead, and how Biology can be applied to society. I am currently doing an Open University module called “Molecules, medicines and Drugs”, which I really like as I must mix my understanding of both Chemistry and Biology into a given topic. I have had to adapt to a different way of schooling as I am responsible for learning the material without the guidance of a teacher and planning when chapters must be completed. The module has provided me with further insight into the molecular level of Biology and has reinforced my desire to read Biological Sciences and specialize in Molecular or Genetic Biology at the University. In the summer of 2019, I will do a two-month work experience at Abertay University. It will involve working one-on-one with a Ph.D. student using PCR to detect antimicrobial resistance genes from seal fecal samples. This will enhance my laboratory skills and familiarise me further with a biology working environment. In school, I assist during biology classes in years below mine and tutor pupils struggling in my year. Tutoring has made me realize how enthusiastic I am when I explain biology to others and reminds me of how interesting I find the subject. As a member of the Pupil Council and Eco Group, I analyze problems within the school and evaluate them to find a solution. This has developed my analytical skills which, I can use in Biology, and has increased my leadership skills and appreciation for the school.

I am bilingual and have learned to adapt to changing environments. By being bilingual, my communication skills with a diverse audience have increased as I have a high understanding of different cultures which, has also made me open-minded to new experiences. I successfully manage my studies, social life, and hobbies by being organized. I love painting and take part in art workshops where I can meet and socialize with new people. I am very sporty and do boxing and running outside of school. I have a high expectation of any work I produce, from ensuring paintings are realistic, to performing at my highest ability in sports to any academic work that I finish. I find the idea of reading for a Biology degree extremely exciting. Reading Biology at University will give me the opportunity to interact and share ideas with like-minded people. I am a hardworking and highly motivated pupil who has the work ethic and dedication to do well in Biology. Studying this course will be the first milestone in meeting my ambitions to become a researcher. I want to take my Biological science studies further and achieve a master’s and, one day a PhD.

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