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The paper is going to cover a summary of the feedback received from the past three assignments. The first part is the strengths and weaknesses in writing. The strength is a love for reading, perseverance, and self-organization. The weaknesses are time management and inadequate confidence. The paper also highlights a detailed plan for improving the areas of weakness, emphasizing good organization, creating a timetable, researching the topic in question, coming up with an outline, reviewing past lessons for purposes of refreshment, embracing revision, and finally creating a checklist for the next assignment. The paper concludes by highlighting the important points covered.

Summary of feedback

In week one the paper was written in a clear and concise manner using detailed examples that enabled the reader to understand the ideas better by integrating the course materials with other scholarly work to bring out its relevance. Transitions between the paragraphs, grammar, spelling, and punctuation were okay. There were a few errors regarding word choice, passive voice, and hard-to-read text. However, more needs to be done on the introduction as it did not preview the major points in the paper and the conclusion needs to flow from the body of the paper by reviewing the major points covered in the paper. In week two the paper satisfied the requirements as it was submitted in two parts, an outline, and an analysis of the article. However, the outline lacked a title, in-text citations, and a reference page. The main points were outlined and discussed in each section of the article and the analysis of the article was substantive. The tone used in all the articles is appropriate for graduate-level though more efforts should be made towards the transitions from one paragraph to another to help the reader move smoothly from one thought to the next one. The paper had few errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Week four paper contained relevant information on methods for modifying behavior translating to a good grasp of the subject matter. The paper had in-text citations, references, and source material integrated into it. Few errors were however noted in word choice, punctuation, and passive voice. A little improvement needs to be done on the introduction to ensure that it previews the points going to be discussed in the paper and the conclusion needs to review whatever has been covered in the essay. Comments on originality and plagiarism were positive as my instructor stated that I had done a good job.

Analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses in writing

There are various strengths and weaknesses in my writing. One of my strengths is my love of reading. My love for reading has played a great role in helping me to improve my writing. Reading creates a rich library of ideas from which I can draw and enhance my writing. The content that I receive while reading helps me with the style and ideas that I can put down to come up with meaningful content. The more content a person can read, the richer the ideas they can come up with (Kaufman, Mather, Kaufman, & Lichtenberger, 2013). Another strength that I have in wiring is perseverance. It is often said that practice makes perfect. I never give up on anything that I have set out to do easily. I always work towards improving and making my writing better by doing it over and over again and learning from my past mistakes. I take each mistake and challenge as an opportunity and platform for learning and improving my writing skills and techniques and the more I do it the better I become.

I also consider self-organization as part of my strength. I believe that good organization is part of great writing because it enables the reader to understand the information being passed to them. It begins with how we present ourselves in terms of grooming, cleanliness, and the general arrangement of our surroundings and environment. If a person is well organized then there will be a smooth flow of ideas as they write because the mind is settled and focused and there are fewer distractions (In Harper, 2017). Such a person is also able to plan ahead of time and gather all the resources that they need for the writing. I am also a creative person and this has helped me greatly in my writing. It is not enough for a person to learn but to use the knowledge gained to come up with new ideas that can be used by others. Creativity enhances writing by making it more appealing to the minds of readers.

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One weakness that I have regarding writing is time management. I usually have to juggle between work, school, and personal life. It is a challenge balancing the three because each one of them requires commitment and focus. Failure to balance time means that I put in the assignments at the last minute and this gives me a lot of pressure as I have to submit them on time thus it affects the quality of my writing due to working in a hurry to beat the deadline for submission. The other weaknesses are inadequate confidence. Sometimes I have to change parts of my writing because I feel that I have not written what I had intended to write about. This takes a lot of time and in other instances, it can distort the meaning altogether. I, therefore, need to do a lot of research to make sure that my writing stays within the topic.

A detailed plan for refining areas for improvement

For me to improve on my areas of weakness, I am going to begin by putting more emphasis on organization. I will gather all the material that I need before settling down to begin writing. This will enable me to concentrate on the task of writing instead of being distracted while looking for other materials that I need to complete my writing. Creating a timetable will help me manage time so that I don’t leave my assignments for the last minute which creates a lot of pressure. After collecting all the required material I am going to read the questions and instructions that I am supposed to follow. It will be followed by researching the topic that I am writing about by going through different sources of materials and also looking at the feedback from past assignments. This will equip me with the knowledge and information that I need to write the paper.

Sentence structure and passive voice are still a challenge to me, therefore, I will review past lessons to refresh my mind on what needs to be done so that as I write I will be able to avoid such errors. This will be part of my preparation before I begin writing. My writing will contain short and precise sentences to avoid being wordy and using confusing sentences. I also intend to make writing part of my routine because it will acquaint me with the necessary expertise needed to improve my writing.

After going through the materials that I need to use for writing the paper I am going to create an outline of what I want to write about then begin my writing by coming up with the important points that I am going to focus on. I am going to tie my ideas together to come up with a smooth flow of ideas from one paragraph to another. After completing my paper the last step is to embrace revision. It is not easy for a piece of writing to be perfect the first time (Harper, 2017). I am going to put more effort toward revising my work because it offers me an opportunity to check for mistakes as well as expand on the points that I have come up with while deleting the ones that do not contribute more to my writing. I am going to create a checklist for my next writing assignments that is going to act as a guide that I will follow when writing the next assignment.


In conclusion, the feedback from past assignments indicates that I have been able to perform fairly well in grammar, punctuation, originality, and transitions between paragraphs. Areas that require improvement are the introduction which highlights the important points and the conclusion which summarizes all the points covered in the paper. Some of my strengths in writing include my love for reading, perseverance, and self-organization while my weaknesses are time management and inadequate confidence. The plan for improving my writing is an emphasis on good organization, creating a timetable, researching the topic in question, coming up with an outline, reviewing past lessons for purposes of refreshment, embracing revision, and finally creating a checklist for the next assignment

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