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Self-care is the art of minding our well-being alongside that of others. Of late, self-care has been posted to be trumping stone to most of us, where we are way too concerned about others, offering solutions to their problems and literally forgetting if we also exist. Individual attention, as Kristin spells it out is a cornerstone to our survival and influences our relevance to other people as well. Without self-care then our efforts will certainly prove futile in our plight to assist our loved ones.

My view on self-care and self-care challenge

I agree that self-care is necessary for everyone. It all starts with our individual well-being with others. As the author points out, we can’t expect students and workmates to be healthy and we can’t devote ourselves to our own vigor. Self-care challenge, on the other hand, is what we must do to maintain our health. For example, we have to take up risks that are way above our comfort zones as a means of self-care possibly by creating time for exercises extra.

Response to the elements of self-care

In my point of view, the four elements of self-care are equally necessary for forming a guideline to accomplish healthy living. Health, to begin with, revolves around physical fitness and includes, exercising, taking a balanced diet, and having ample resting time. Good health reduces stress and helps in regulating our bodies. Secondly, love reflects our own happiness. It’s essential to focus on what delights us for instance, spending time with friends and reading books can serve as means of refreshing ourselves rather than spending the better part of our time overworking. To add to that, competence helps us to check out of our comfort zones. This involves challenging ourselves with new things, for instance, going to new places and trying out new lifestyles. In return, these new endeavors boost our confidence and increase our potential. Lastly, gratitude entails being grateful for who we are and what we have. It is concealed under two words, thank you. It is a sign of appreciating what we are made of as well as the people around us. The more we recognize ourselves and others the happier we are.

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The element I’m currently best at

Competence has been my area of specialization for quite a while now. I always admired being self-reliant by paying my bills and financing my operations among others. Relying solely on parents’ support was a bit inconveniencing. It is this challenge that motivated me to take up online courses mainly on writing and to date the results are impressive. Besides that, gratitude is a virtue that I’ve adopted in my lifetime. Appreciating myself and the influential people around me is taking me to higher levels.

The element I need to improve upon

Personally, I’ve not been keen on matters of health. Most are the times I go without sleep, have no time to exercise, or even to take a balanced diet. It’s a big challenge I’m willing to take without which my strength will drain out of me.


In conclusion, self-care is inevitable. It is through our well-being that we are in a position to serve others more satisfactorily. In the event of good individual health, the services we offer are quality, reliable, and long-lasting. Thus self-care should be everyone’s priority.

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