Please write a short scene and the lyrics to a song (about 2-3 pages total) based on one situation you find at this prompt:Creative Writing PromptsYou will see many prompts, but choose one that you would like to write a scene and song about. You must write the dialogue between at least two characters and then the RHYMING lyrics for the song. Please indicate any stage directions (what the actors are doing movement-wise) that the reader needs to know to better understand the situation. You can choose any one of the many prompts available to you. You may choose randomly, as this may force you to write about things you would never think about, OR you may choose one that resonates with you so you can explore territory close to home. Whichever you choose, the goal is to prove you understand the concept of going from scene (lines of dialogue) into a song (with rhyming lyrics). This is a creative project so you will need to be creative in your approach. You are to get the prompt and then write a scene and song related tot that subject. The scene should have at least two characters. The scene should have at least 10 lines of dialogue and the song should rhyme and have a clear structure (A beginning, middle and end.) The formatting for this project should be similar to the Kiss of The Spiderwoman example included in the presentation. At the beginning of your project, identify the prompt and tell me what kind of song you are writing based on the forms listed in the presentation. Here is a romanticised version of what you are about to do:Music and LyricsBubric is attached

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