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COMPANY PROFILE INTRIODUCTION Vertex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading IT solutions and service providing center. Established at Nadiad, today we are technically advanced and ready to serve even the toughest of the technical IT challenges. Along with providing IT solutions in terms of both Hardware, Software, Networking, Security solutions(IT), Project works, Solar & Wind energy Solutions, Energy Saving Products & Green Energy Products in Information Technology, Led Lighting and in day to day routines.

Our integrated and organized efforts render quality and reliable products and services. We provide solutions, suggestions, software, hardware and other products as per customer needs that are of high quality yet economically viable. We have a highly skilled force of engineers who are at their toes to provide services at the click of a button. Our maintenance and up gradation services are highly reliable and just a phone-call away. Achieving success in a short term Vertex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has expanded its operations in Gujarat State and moving towards National & International market.

VTPL has established its corporate office at Nadiad for National and International operations. At present VTPL has offices in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. In today’s world, energy is a great concern due to a gap between demand and supply. We need to save energy in order to reduce the cost of operation. Thus, we are in the field of supplying Energy Saving Products. Our energy saving products is tested and certified by various agencies and government authorities. Our products have a high quality, reliability and consistency. ASSOCIATON

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Along with providing IT solutions in terms of both hardware and software, we are also preferred partners with SOLAR Panel manufacturer like Vikram Solar, PAE Ltd, Warree, Kotak Urja, Thermal Solutions Redren, Solar Lighting solutions and other technological partners. HISTORY Vertex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established with a vision to serve the IT industry by providing solutions to technical challenges. The company was set initially by three people having vast experience in the computer field for the past 20 years. OBJECTIVES In our efforts to satisfy our valued customers

We at Vertex believe in being at the forefront of technology and provide the best and the latest to our customers at affordable costs. Our Customers always get a winning – edge over their competitors through our services and solutions. In our desire to innovate through research Our team is constantly engaged in Research and Development which culminates into deployment of latest and cutting-edge technology in our products. In our aspirations to provide the best of quality Vertex and its team are committed to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring competitive and cost-effective solutions and services delivered in time.

Our team continuously controls reviews and enhances its performance and thus sustains an effective Quality Management System. In our dream to create a nature friendly world We provide Energy Saving Products that are beneficial to the society as well as nature. Focusing on today’s lifestyle, our products facilitate both energy saving and user satisfaction. In our vision to lead We aim to be the top IT solution providing company. Our biggest asset is our valued customer list. Their satisfaction is our prime requirement. STRENGTHS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Our strength lies in: • Experience since 1989 Intel GID • Support Services • Strong and Innovative R&D team • Technology partners. Important Milestones: • Companies development and expansion going day by day from establishment • Bank of Reputed customers • Operation at Baroda, Surat and other cities in Gujarat. • Providers of N-Computing Products • Overseas operations with CBSI • Software solutions with VBSOFT Talent: • Highly efficient and motivated young team • Out spoken and always ready for challenges • Innovation in self OUR VISION • To provide cutting edge technology and build business for our customers. HR We have facilitates to develop employers skills and make them market leaders to have an edge over competitors. Our Green Energy Projects: 1. Vertex Office at Nadiad – 1000w Solar panel installed in May 2010. 2. Palitana Hill Solar power solution 10Kw in progress given for approval MNRE – Delhi. 3. Metro City- Bagodara 2. 4 Kw off-grid solar power plant 2 nos for Hoardings and Lighting. 4. Nirmit Flora & Nirmit Home 1. 0 Kw each at Sanand and Gandhinagar sites. 5. Solar Street Lights at Chhota- Udaipur, Gujarat- in Rural and Jungle area. Solar Products: Solar : • Home light kit • Solar lantern • Solar blinkers • Solar road studs Solar garden lights • Solar water pump • Solar cooker • Solar water heater Led : • Aviation lights • led down lights • Led Lighting Fixtures • led tube light • led wall washers • led flood lights • led high bay light • led RGB • Led street light Solar Panels & Accessories: • Solar panels • Charge controller • Inverters • Dc controllers Solar Solutions: • Off grid solar power plant o 1kw to 2 Kw Solar Power Pack o 10 50 Kw Solar Power Pack o Above 50 Kw to MW level Solar Power Plant Off-Grid & Grid Tie • Wind power solution • Solar wind high-brid solution • Hoarding & Bill board • Centralized Lighting • Water pumping system Roof top MNRE & DGS&D approved products • Led street light • Led home light kit • Led lantern Customize solutions • Led lights • Led with solar power • Led with solar n wind power • Enlighting building with colorful led lights • For architect construction for the projects. IT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES KEY ACTIVITY AREAS: • Computer System & Hardware Peripherals Supply. • Vertical & Customized Software Development. • Licensed Software Marketing, Installation & Maintenance. • Maintenance and Up-gradation. • Internet & Intranet Solutions. • Email & Communication. • Anti Virus Solutions. • Wireless & Broad Band Connectivity. Data Base Administration. • Marketing Energy Saving Products • Energy Saving Products • Annual Maintenance Services • E- Commerce Applications • Web Designing and Development • Corporate Design Work • ERP Solution PROJECT WORK: • Networking Setup • Call Center • Cyber Cafes • VPN Solutions • Intra-networking • Wireless network SERVICES: • Out Source Projects • Data Processing • Data Entry • Printing Jobs (Laser Printers, LMP) • Annual Maintenance Services • Job placement • Preventive Maintenance Services • Repairing of Computers and its Peripherals • NRI seminars and hospitality VALUE – ADDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: • Ncomputing Security Surveillance • RFID attendance • Biometric Access • VOIP Solutions • Storage Solutions ENERGY SAVING: • Centralized Lighting • Air Condition • Induction Motor • LED Lighting Products SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: • Vidyalaya School Management Software. • Production ERP Software. • Samay Attendance system. • E-Commerce Solutions • Hospital Management System. • E-Panchayat. • Banking Liquidation Process System • Shopkeeper • Web base management software • Customized Software Solutions VALUED CLIENT LIST [pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic] [pic] [pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic] [pic][pic] [pic] * AND GROWING DAY BY DAY

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