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AH! There were people screaming everywhere, in the front and back of the Screaming Dragon. Our roller coaster ride commenced and the ear-piercing screams of the riders could be heard. When we reached the peak of the Screaming Dragon, I shut my eyes and refused to look down as I rode a roller coaster for the first time. At that moment I realized that riding a roller coaster was one of my greatest joys, which was on the side of my greatest fears.

When we first arrived at Thunder Road, my brother and I raced to the ticket both. As we entered through the prodigious gates, my worries and fears of the world drifted away. At Thunder Road I was a person ready to experience adventure at a steady pace with my family.

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“Hey, mom, why don’t we ride the Screaming Dragon?”, my brother suggested. “No, thanks”, I quickly replied as I scurried on. “Ok, we’ll love!”, my mom exclaimed enthusiastically. Not far from the opening gate, I glanced at the first ride we were going to experience, the Screaming Dragon. My entire family agreed to ride it. As we walked up the narrow path that led to the Screaming Dragon, I saw a large number of people waiting to get onto the ride. While waiting patiently, the screams of the current riders and the thundering of the Screaming Dragon could be heard as the line slowly progressed in the summer heat. I was slightly elated to go on the roller coaster. We were the next group to get on, however, there was no turning back now, I thought. I became more jittery as time went by. Before we got on the roller, I asked my brother in a shaky voice, “Are you sure the Screaming Dragon isn’t scary?”. My heart was pounding swiftly and I started to feel anxious. “Just trust me. Okay? This is the slowest ride, go and sit down, I’ll sit right next to you”, he answered. “Ok, I’ll trust you”, I murmured doubtfully. I walked slowly over to a row of two seats in the middle of the coaster and sat on the left. The hard and uncomfortable chairs were black with red seat belts that went around our shoulders. After, the seat belt bars came down, my regret settled in I was stuck. A few seconds that felt like minutes went by, a male voice came through the headrests and spoke to us about safety. Then, the countdown came moments later as I was deciding whether to open or close my eyes through the ride. As the ride steadily began, my brother changed his statement about the roller coaster, being scary he insisted that the Screaming Dragon was the scariest roller coaster at Thunder Road. I told him that I should have known better than to trust him. After I heard the click-clack of the coaster, a feeling of nervousness and excitement swept over me. I had no more time to think as the cart shot forward at unimaginable speeds. I was screaming with excitement rather than fright. We speed up a small hill, the strong wind pushed my small head against the rubber seat. My head hammered into the back of my seat multiple times, almost giving me a headache. I felt every sharp turn because my head would sway along. I was scared, but at the same time, I loved the feeling. This isn’t so bad, I thought. The ride continued over a few bumps, and then we approached the big hill. The coaster slowed at the highest point, I closed my eyes and refused to look down as I saw the big drop coming. I was excited! I soon joined the other screaming riders as our cart fell over the hill. The wind raced through my hair and cooled my faced. It felt like my face would blow off. The next track sets had bumps and sharp turns, not as petrifying, but still fun. The carts jolted to a stop as I found myself slumped in the rubber seat. I got of the roller coaster, stumbling slightly, and realized that this was one of the best days of my life. I had such an extraordinary time.

After riding the roller coaster, I now perceive your greatest joys can come from the side of your greatest fears. I also discern that I can have fun doing something that scares me. I am not the same person as I was, because my fears don’t hold me back anymore. I am now optimistic about conquering my fears and having fun while doing it.

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