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In the article “The Truth About Beauty”, the author Amy Alkon talks about how modern beauty sets standards people tend to follow. It feels like our modern world has an alternate universe. “Uglytopia”, Amy says. It’s a place where the content of a woman’s character is more important than her bra size or being on the cover of a magazine. Life is mean, and it picks favorites. There are certain advantages that some people tend to be born into like a pretty face or a lot of money. These people live the lives many dream of, but it is not our reality. The truth is, that a man will pick a hot, selfish chick rather than a selfless pure-hearted girl.

Amy explains that a wide and popular portion of evidence deeply shows that men and women are not only biologically different but psychologically different as well. As it was said, men tend to go for someone with advantages. Many features a woman possesses can attract a man to what they are looking for. Dressing expensive, having a small waist, youth, symmetry, having a pretty face, and femininity are all features men see of a fertile woman with advantages. You see, men see themselves as perfect. They want to pass on their “good genes” to a child but need a fertile woman. That is why a girl needs to have these advantages. Society sets these expectations so high that for many women it is a competition in which only the strongest can survive.

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The truth is that women try to appeal to “the male gaze”. They want to look and feel their best while a man selects them for his wife. By looking their best, women increase their chances of getting picked. This is because looking neat is a priority to one of the advantages men seek for. No one cares about if a woman has a brain. Men want sexy and taken care of. No one is going for a girl who doesn’t wash herself every day. Besides the fact that all women want to appeal to “the male gaze”, it is hard for everyone to do so. Many women struggle with keeping a small figure. Nowadays, there are fast-food restaurants on every block. Of course, there are beauty standards around the world that are different than in America. In some places, like Sahara-adjacent hoods, it is considered beautiful to be curvy.

On the other hand, women prefer men simpler, as one would say. Many women have few standards on what they look for in a partner. If a man is taller than a woman and is wealthy, they have the woman’s needs taken care of. Some men may not have the needs of a woman. If a man doesn’t own these riches, it is harder for them to find a wife. These unwritten laws and rules were used in the “olden” days. Even if society has changed, it is still very helpful to have a man or woman possess these qualities.  

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