Comparsion of readings.Read through the comments left by your classmates on this assignment. Create a new document in Word, Google Docs, or a similar word processing platform. Paste the original text you wrote, and all your classmates’ comments, into that document. Then, at the bottom, write a revised version of your original text that addresses some or all of the comments your classmates wrote. Your revised post may be up to 300 words long. Submit the full document, with your original post, your classmates’ comments, and your revised post, exported as a PDF.Turn a memory into storyElliot Eisner explains that, through writing and art, we can preserve our ideas, allowing us to build on them later. By revisiting an idea with fresh eyes, we can more carefully inspect, revise and extend it. Instead of being guided by the impulse of the moment, we are able to fruitfully explore alternative choices. The Art Lab assignment requires everyone at your table to review everyone else’s story. For your Portfolio assignment, you will revise your own story, taking the reviews into account. Below the story, provide a 100-word explanation of how you revised your story after reading the response of your reviewers. The story revision and your comments on revision process will be uploaded as one document.Unlike most of your Portfolio assignments, this one will not make use of the Canvas Discussions. This week, you will just upload the Word document described above.

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