Assessment: Assessment 1 – 

Unit Learning



(a) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the major steps

involved in conducting research.

(b) Demonstrate an extended understanding of various

business research designs and methods, and be able

to evaluate and explain their strengths and

weaknesses in research designs for particular projects.

(c) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of ethical issues in

research and an advanced understanding of

appropriate procedures and protocols applicable to

these issues.

(d) Critically review and evaluate research literature.

(e) Design research for a particular project, explaining the

limitations, advantages, and technical and ethical

implications of the techniques employed.

(f) Select, justify and design questions suitable for a

survey instrument and be able to analyse survey data

in relation to a particular research question.

(g) Prepare a formal research proposal investigating an

innovative and/or unresolved research question.

Criteria for


 Knowledge and Understanding

 Content and exploration of theories and ideas

 Analysis, synthesis and critical engagement

 Technical skills and referencing

Assessment Task: Critically assess how “truth” is established in business and

management research. Students must identify relevant research 

philosophies or paradigms and investigate their epistemology,

ontology, and axiology.

Please note that we are looking for the following:

a) Assignments must display knowledge of the relevant theory,

concepts, and literature.

b) The theory and concepts must be applied to discussing the

assignment question

c) Assignment focus upon contentious and problematic issues,

therefore they must contain a well-argued case with an appropriate

structure and obey academic conventions regarding referencing,


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