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Having a connection is a very important thing to have in our life. Relationship happens through many ways in which we can attach to each other. The relationship is not just your partner, but also your family and groups. At the time as it immediately enters people’s minds, they notice that the relationship is just only to their partner and only sweetheart, but they do not notice that mostly having a communication with each person is also called a relationship.

Having a better relationship with your family is very important. Let’s start with relationships with relatives. Yes, we have different family participants with broken families, whole-hearted but far from each other, in addition, there are also individuals who want to have a family. It is always good to have a nice relationship with your family because you can improve your devotion and you know that they are constantly there for you. When you are in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, they can always judge you by how they want you and not always be true to you. Your family will always tell you the fact and will not say things they do not mean just for approval.

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Having true friends is still one of the best relationships you can have. Friends are unlike our parents because there are just some things you do not do with your parents. You can discourse with your friends differently, act differently, and do activities that you do not do with your family. As we have relationships with our friends, we can share the experiences we have in our lives that we cannot share with our families as just simple complications that you have had little concern for your new friends and your personal boyfriend or girlfriend as compared to our intimate relationship is hard to say, but it still depends on how you get your family. In a relationship with friends, there are two classes: there is a relationship with a friend who is good for us as they know the boundary of their relationship with us while there is also something not so good for us, because we have friends who are even wrong what we do is they do nothing because they’re just where you’re happy.

And last is the relationship between ourselves and the special one, but not at all times a relationship is always good, especially for ourselves and our romantic lover in life. First of all, to be our partner for the great relationship we have with them we forget that we love ourselves and that we do not need 100% to give us love because we are not sure if she will be capable to do all our life. But when we have someone who is guilty of any time it is a great help, because there is somebody who wants to hear you in all your troubles, but we also have friends to make us happy when the individual who always comes to you will be lost at the moment, then you will see your groups who are right to you.

Hence, we have unlike understanding of the word ‘relationship’, but it has a great impact on us.

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