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Saudi Arabian Basic Business Industries Corporation is a multinational company that deals mainly in petrochemicals and steel manufacturer. My interest to do a project with SABIC was precipitated by its fast growth and its ability to experience an average higher performance for the last few years. In addition to the above, I was interested in a company that deals in a variety of materials. Saudi Arabian Basic Business Industries Corporation is a leading industry in the manufacture of fertilizers, steel equipment, cars, medical equipment, building materials, and many more. This would give me an expanded view in dealing with the handling of management of issues within companies that handle a variety of materials.

Furthermore, to achieve the aims and goals of my project, there was the need to work in a big company as demonstrated by SABIC. With “almost 33000 employees all over the world and business operations in almost 100 countries in six continents, its good performance is demonstrated in sales of SR 151 billion in 2008 along with net profit of 22 billion” (SABIC, 2010).

I had the opportunity to connect with SABIC through Mr. Abdurrahman from human resource management department. I must point out that without his presence and support, I would not have done my project at SABIC. During the time I was undertaking a project in the analysis of the quality of software at the company, I received all the necessary support I needed. While there is a general abidance in the fact that there are a number of ways through which an organization can enhance its ability to attract an external workforce, available research work and articles demonstrate that their effectiveness depends largely on the culture of an organization. Both the management and operational culture within SABIC make it an ideal atmosphere to not only undertake a research project but also become a full-time employee.

In the course of my project, I got the opportunity to discover and have the practical view of the software application within the company. This was also possible because of the good and conducive atmosphere at SABIC that is necessitated by its good operational culture and the open-door policy within the company. Once you join, you are a member and nothing is hidden from your view. This gave me the continuous chance to interact with several senior personnel with the company that ensured the smooth running of my project through continuous support and encouragement. This is because the management of SABIC has fully realized that people form the most prized asset of the organization and there is a need to attach the greatest value to their well-being about their skills and knowledge and the continuous improvement of the same. I was thus accorded the necessary support as entrenched in the management culture of the organization.

In addition to the above, I successfully managed to obtain the best information regarding the level of software application within SABIC. Due to the perfect communication channels within the company. Communication forms one of the critical components of the company that ensures business success. I must point out that I found very little difficulty in my efforts to communicate and receive responses regarding my project during the entire period. In summary, I must point out that my reflection of the period I undertook my project at SABIC was truly successful and I would not hesitate to take another research project within the organization.


SABIC. (2008). Annual Report 2008 of Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation.

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