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Egotistical ideas that these individuals were not brave or intelligent enough to be an impactful soldier. However, ultimately they were allowed to fight, which was the force needed that allowed the Union to win against the Confederates. Tubman was exceptional. Not only was she an African American slave that escaped her bondage, but she was also a female. Her gender and race was a double factor to her oppression by the white men, however, she did not let her circumstances deter her form her responsibilities, fight and belief for freedom.

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During Tubman’s time in the Civil War, she faced many racial and economic complexities. She was always underestimated based on the color of her skin and gender, but she proved to be one of the most significant figures in the War and in history. Not only was she a fighter for rights, but also economically, she helped shift African American roles. She was a fugitive on the run with a bounty on her head, but still aided other slaves in escaping their captors. Tubman raised money to aid freedman. She later joined Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in their movement for suffrage for women. She worked with Sarah Bradford, a white writer, on her “autobiography as a potential source of income” (Harriet Tubman). According to “Harriet Tubman: A Legacy of Resistance,” Tubman attended the NACW convention and later attended the “women’s suffrage meeting in Rochester, New York, in November of 1896.” She was led onto the stage by Susan B. Anthony where she professed to an appreciative audience her eight years as the conductor of the Underground Railroad, as well as how she never lost a passenger or went off track (Harriet Tubman: A Legacy of Resistance). Tubman married Nelson Davis, a Union soldier who was born into slavery as well. She cared for the elderly in her home living in Auburn, New York in 1874. She and her husband adopted a girl, and after a wide reaching movement for military pension, “she was finally awarded $8 per month in 1895 as Davis’s widow […] and $20 in 1899 for her service” (Harriet Tubman). One can notice the financial and economic hardships she endured; however, she continued to aid others by creating the Harriet Tubman Home for the Aged on property close to her household.

All throughout her life, Tubman was a selfless and caring individual. She fought fiercely and served in anyway she could. She was an honored figure, and represented so many ideas for different groups of people. Tubman represented the fight for freedom and rights for African Americans, but she also fought for women rights. One could argue that she is the pillar for the victory of the Civil War. She is a figure that has accomplished a lot in a time of oppression and cruelness for African Americans. In respect to other figures, she is in the top tier of the most impressive and powerful individual. She needs to be acknowledged for her great achievements and the sacrifices she made. Despite enduring racist and discriminatory actions and words, she fought until the very end for equality. She is an amazing historical figure that underwent political, social, racial and economic complexities.

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