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A healthy lifestyle is very important, especially nowadays. The meaning of a healthy lifestyle is that you have good daily exercise, in whatever form, good sleep/rest, proper nutrition, healthy eating habits, and so on.

There is a ton of new information I have learned in the health course, but a few have stood out to me that I believe are important to take up in this essay. During this course, I have learned that healthy active living leads to a better lifestyle. Having a healthy, active lifestyle can be super beneficial for you. For example, it will lower the risks of having long-term diseases, and it’ll help boost and improve your mental health, not just that, it has been proven to also help maintain balance and coordination, more energy, and more. Like there are pros, there are cons. The risks of not living a healthy lifestyle are a lot, such as ‘shorter life’, ‘less quality of life’, ‘diseases’, ‘low self-esteem and confidence’, and other effects as well.

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I also live a healthy lifestyle in certain ways. Not only is having good habits a positive thing in your life, but it is also very useful and quite handy at certain events. I have a couple of good habits. For example, I like to read novels which tend to help me with my vocabulary. I never give up because you can never be sure of what you can accomplish if your mindset is already set into something negative. I love to be punctual because being late is never a good sign; I prefer to be on time or at least be not too late. Another good habit is that I respect adults, especially teachers, because they play a huge role in our future. Hygiene is important as well for me, I feel more satisfied with me being clean rather than dirty.

I do live a healthy lifestyle, but I want to improve and have a healthier lifestyle because there is a lot of room for improvement. Some way I can accomplish that is to eat healthier because I eat a ton of unhealthy foods, for instance, chips, popcorn, burgers, hotdogs, French fries, and many others. Along with that, I know I need to get more rest due to my being tired and wanting to not wake up in the mornings to go to school. Another way is for me to do more daily exercises at home, or maybe start jogging in the morning on the weekends, although I do a lot of stretching at home. I should take care of my physical state, but I should furthermore take care of my mental state. A good way of doing so is by expressing my feelings and not keeping them hidden. Likewise in addition to that, I could write a diary stating my feelings and getting them all out.

Summing up, I can say that the importance of a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly great. “Heath is not valued until sickness comes”.

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