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Well, it is difficult for me to tell you about my future life. But this statement about my master’s studies will better predict my motivation for this course.

First, my interest in chemistry arose when I enrolled in Matric (SSC). In matric, Mathematics, chemistry, and physics were my major subjects and I accomplished this task with a grade of A (76%). After matriculation, I completed my 12 years of education (HSSC) with a grade of B (63%). During college, my major subjects were Mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Finally, I got admitted to BS chemical technology at the University of Gujrat after finishing college. At university, I completed my bachelor’s with a grade of B+ (75.17%). During my bachelor’s, my major subjects were applied chemistry, applied mathematics, applied thermodynamics, Particle technology, fluid flow operation, heat transfer, mass transfer, and safety health & environment.

I have recently completed my graduation in October 2018. Now I am looking for admission to Swedish universities for my higher education in sustainable energy resources. I am very keen to learn about this course because it involves practical knowledge of chemistry and engineering. I am not doing anything for living now a day because I must complete my further studies.

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There are a lot of similarities between my graduation and the course I have chosen to study in the master’s program. If I am not wrong, sustainable energy processes and systems also come under the classification of chemical engineering and technology. During my graduation, I have studied many subjects related to sustainable energy processes, which will help me in my master’s studies. I have studied applied chemistry, applied mathematics, safety health & environment, waste treatment technology, process plant utilities, Particle technology, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and mass transfer. These subjects will help me sufficiently during my master’s studies. I have strong background knowledge about the master’s program that I have chosen. Moreover, I have also performed a supervised internship at PEPSI COLA International during my graduation. I know well about the current problems of sustainable energy production.

I live in a county which is under development. My country is deficient in power sources and producing energy in the form of electricity is a challenging problem. At the time government was trying each method for the production of electricity. But sustainable production of energy is the future of every country. Pakistan is facing a lot of environmental problems due to not exploring sustainable energy sources and relying badly on fossil fuels. The current environmental problems are global warming, glacier melting, smog formation, and waste management problems. I want these problems to be solved. For this, I am keen to search for solutions in the form of sustainable processes of energy production and solutions for environmental problems. I am pretty sure that I will search for a method that will give a sustainable solution to these problems.

There are a couple of things that motivated me to choose this course. Firstly, my interest in the field of chemical engineering is because I have a lot of background knowledge about this field. My previous education is also regarding this course. Secondly, sustainable energy problems in my country. Pakistan is relying heavily on fossil fuels and this behavior is creating a lot of environmental problems. Nothing has been done for the sustainable processes in Pakistan. So, I want to develop some methods or techniques to overcome these problems in my country.

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