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In the essay ‘Forgiveness Story: The Weak Get Even, and the Great Get Over It’ by June Callwood, the author writes about forgiveness and how lives are affected by it. There are victims of injustice in every corner of the world, many people suffer from the wrongdoings they have faced. All religions practice the means of forgiveness as one of their main principles. Simon Wiesenthal, the popular Nazi hunter, was asked to forgive a man who had killed many Jews. Simon refused to forgive the killer only to realize many years later that he has not come to peace with himself or the murderer. Apologies, although very comforting at times, may not resolve the issue if they are not sincere. A contrite and heartfelt acceptance of guilt, however, can ease one’s pain. Furthermore, a troubled soul could result in self-harm or more outrage to come. As studies show, people who carry grudges are more likely to have heart disease or other health problems as opposed to people who find closure and move on. Adults grieved by mistreatment and dismissal in their past suffer from a significant amount of pain; based on studies, these individuals tend to reflect their agonies on their childhood and how they were brought up. The first step to overcoming any injustice is the acceptance of the fact that something unpleasant has occurred. Secondly, if this burden is not dealt with, it can result in a stunt of personal growth. Denial is not a solution as all problems in life should be handled accordingly. The progress to self-healing will not start until the victim is done grieving. This essay provides perceptive information on forgiveness, delivers a moral lesson and it is also relative to my own personal experiences.

The insightful information noted in June Callwood’s essay about the health problems of the victims in hurtful matters shines a light on the importance of forgiveness. As stated in the essay, people who carry grudges are more likely to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, and self-inflicted pain. It is also entirely true that these pains may not be self-inflicted, and someone else might have been the reason you are feeling remorseful; however, it is up to you to build your ego once again and welcome what the future beholds. Every individual dealing with mistreatment should look for closure, whether it is through forgiving the victimizer or repressing bad memories and moving on for their own sake. Either of these choices can help the person to start the process of healing, this would be beneficial to their personal growth, physical and mental health.

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The moral lesson of this article is plainly stated in the title, ‘Forgiveness Story: The Weak Get Even, and the Great Get Over It’. Forgiveness is hard work. Nonetheless, it is gratifying not only to yourself but others around you. Friends and family members share one’s burden and they are affected by the repercussions. It takes a strong person to identify the origin of their discomfort, yet it takes a resilient individual to forgive. The frail seek vengeance to overcome their affliction, although vengeance may seem like the only option at the time, it leaves you vulnerable and consequently puts you on the same level of darkness. The act of revenge is always followed by the question of whether you are superior to the person who has caused the suffering in the first place. In the example of the text, a university professor intended to murder the man who had beaten his mother to death, however, he reconsidered the action with the thought, “Whose heart is darker?” (Callwood, 2007, pg.4). I tend to think of life as a game sometimes. You are presented with a task or a lesson at every stage; you are meant to learn, or it will repeat itself frequently until you have acquired what it takes to move on to the next level.

It is said that no one’s family is perfect, and everyone has a past they are not proud of. I find this topic relative to my own personal experience where I felt the need to find closure about my parent’s failed marriage. All I ever knew was hearsay of whom was at fault, there are always two sides to a story. I started gathering information from both sides to get to the bottom of the matter. After learning about the origin of the issue and how it started, I realized it did not matter as much who was at fault, but what I needed the most was to express my feelings. Sometimes all we need is to express our emotions and get rid of the anger stored within. In some cases, you are not fortunate enough to find closure, so you must find an alternative to carry on. To this day, I have not been able to forgive my parents for what they have put me through, but being able to talk about my feelings opened doors that I never thought possible. With age comes maturity, adulthood has helped me to imagine what my parents have also been through and it must have not been easy on them either. That is the first and most important step to take before forgiveness can follow, and I can only hope time will take care of the rest.

There are many examples from the text that make you realize your story is not nearly as bad as you would think. We live in a self-centered world where people tend to believe everything revolves around them; on the contrary, the ability to read and learn about other people’s burdens will smoothen the path to forgiveness. Sometimes the greatest of souls in the morning are the ones that cried through the whole night. Everyone goes through hardships from time to time. However, what makes us strong is the capability to embrace the pain and continue the journey. Forgiveness even though seemingly impossible at times, might be the only possible solution to move forward. The precious recompense of forgiveness is peace of mind which you cannot put a price tag on.

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