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Time is the unknown mystery, continued progress and precious thing in our life. Time has been considered important in the sector of human’s life, religion and many others. In several books the concept of time is highlighted as mentioned: “The moment you realize how important time is, your entire perspective will change”. So, this quote realizes that time is one of the valuable aspect and fundamental principle of our life. Therefore, wasting of time is regarded as wasting of money. Time plays an important and significant progress in our daily life cycle. Time always move and revolve around us so it is compulsory to respect it because time never comes.

Moreover, if we are punctual in our life and understand its principle so success is always with us. But if a person not respecting the importance of time, he would face mysterious difficulties and problems. Nowadays and in future time is considered more precious than wealth as time is continues progress which never stops. Time is considered the small word but its meaning is undefined.

The common factor to achieve highest position in this world is time management. Nowadays time management is compulsory fundamental in our life but this factor is crucial to apply on us. For instance, the student wasted his time in school without studying anything and is irregular so in the end his results are affected. As a result, this example clearly shows that time management is a real power in this world. Utilizing time rightly never affects the life and the person is far better than from the ones who wasted time.

Famous scholar said: “Time is the best medicine”. As medicine provide cure for disease in following time realizes the importance and concept of persons life hence time is the best gift. If we manage time according to our need so we can achieve our goal easily otherwise wasting it leads towards unhanded. Our ancestors always teach us to not waste time with friends, late night outing and gaming but focuses on the importance and utilization of it. As life is moving faster and faster so in this purpose time is a main object to survive with.

On the whole Holy Qur’an also provides guidance on the principal of time. In several surah’s’ it is described that time is the strongest thing in this world which can harm and improve one’s life. Life is too short so it should not be wasted. Furthermore, Holy prophet also provide guidance upon it, so it is responsibility of every person to understand its important and follow teaching to succeed in this world.

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In comparison to the past and present era, time has become more important factor today. In old time people required a lot of time for new development rather than nowadays any discovery can be explored quickly for example in old time computers were big in size, slow and required a lot of time in comparable today’s world the fastest machine is a computer which can do thousands of instructions, calculations and researches in seconds. Time to time new technologies is lying in front of which can do their functions in seconds. So, this examples clearly highlights that time is a major part of human’s life and time to time new things are coming in front of us which identifies that time is golden precious and humans should care about to succeed in this hard world.

The famous sentence which we always heard is that “The two most important warriors are time and patience”. This sentence is a common but if we understand its meaning clearly so there are thousands of words and secret are hidden. Today’s time every small idea is towards time and knowledge. Philosopher and scholars also mentioned the theory of time around 100 years back but its importance is lying now in every person’s life. In current time every one is busy in their own life not caring about others personal life as time waits for no one. If one is spending time rightly, his life is perfect and complete. And the one wasting it day by day and never understanding its important he would evolve around problematic situations.

One day, I was reading an article on time management. This article also realizes me the time importance and its positive and negative impacts on our life. The article was that there were 2 friends Ali and Asif who live their life according to their wishes. Ali was intelligent and never wasted his extra time but also utilize it correctly but Asif was involved in smoking, gambling and wasted abundant of time every day. His friend Ali always helps to regret these things but he never stopped. Ali tried hundreds of methods, but he never understands. Ali and Asif both were in same university but Ali was excellent on his course but Asif was wasting his time and money. One day Asif was suspended from university. But this matter also does not realize Asif anything. After 2 years, Ali was graduated from university and was on well positioned whereas Ali was same as always. As a result, this incident teaches that if a person is wasting time, he is zero but if he understands the value of time, he is on the top of the roof. After reading this article it also makes me understand that do not waste single seconds if this time is moved so our blinking future is towards darkness. The main moral of this article is: time is gold.

Researches also showed on the importance of time. Several seminars and camps are setup to convey the time perceptions and impacts on people lives. Schools are also taking steps towards it by calling teachers from foreign to give them knowledge on time and its aspect on our life. As time is the key to success in this world without this life is incomplete. It is also responsibility of parents to teach their children about time and knowledge as they learn from them. This all teaches us that do not waste a single minute and also influence others with this knowledge.

To conclude, time is a main object of human life. Time management and punctuality leads towards successful life. The person who does not take care of managing time he is always ruins in the world. Famous theory states that “When you manage your time as part of you, then it’s when you move forward managing yourself”. As a whole this theory signifies that time is a revolving cycle around us and useful for everyone to increase his/her effectiveness. Time management also helps in academic and social activities, which influence our daily life goal. Once we manage time rightly, all the benefits of the world are with us.

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