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This course has really built my knowledge on most of the vital issues related to environments, I learned a lot of environmental issues. Throughout this course, I was disappointed by our leaders on how to deal with environmental issues, it is important to be aware of our environment and know how we can contribute to its protection. Personally, I think the world, in general, can do more, what we are doing to save Mother Earth is not enough. There were topics that I already knew, but a revolution for me was the unit that we learned about water or reduced water quality around the world. I have made it a habit to educate the people around me about how people misuse natural resources and urge them to conserve them. The number of children dying every year due to lack of safe water is a big surprise and shock to me. I hope to see strict international laws that help preserve natural resources and the environment in general.

There are three strategies to help make my city more environmentally sustainable. The first is birth control. Most of the cities in the world face this with overpopulation growth or a rapid increase in population growth. I think that my city is not be different. For the reason, the first strategy I would introduce would be the birth control program. A series of programs on family planning and birth control would be introduced in my city. Follow by intensive education on this program, by letting the general public know why it is necessary for the development of the city and the betterment of their lives.

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The next strategy that I think would make my city more environmentally sustainable is to introduce a specialized busing service. I would just copy and paste the Curitiba specialized busing system. We would not just copy their specialized busing service, but also reduce fares as low as possible. I believe this would make the public bus more attractive. I think this system would make my city one of the best in the world in terms of environmental friendliness. Hence, this system would reduce the number of cars in the city and people would turn to use public transport more than their personal cars. Meaning I killing two birds with one stone, reducing traffics and air pollution.

And the last one is recycling program. As days past by we humans create waste everywhere we find ourselves. The street of Accra is full of trash. From the food we buy from the street, the water we drink to the cloth we wear. All-cause huge tons of trash a day. My city being trash free would be my ultimate goal, and for this matter, recycling program would be perfect for this mission. I would once again take inspiration from Curitiba just because this system worked perfectly for them. Would introduce different trashcans based on the trash they make. Together with my team, we would also organize centers that would pay people who separate their trash and send it to the centers. This would be one of the strategies dear to my heart because most of the flood that happens in my city is caused by people dumping trash in gutters. I strongly believe that this will not only clean the city, but also stop the flood and create an income for the city when we sell the recycle trash.

In summary, environmental problems are becoming more and more relevant every day. As conscious citizens, we must make every effort to change the situation and save Mother Earth. I believe that the strategies I have described to improve the city are really worthwhile and can really make it more environmentally sustainable.

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