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It is important for high school students who are interested in going into the criminal justice system to be educated on the field and the different careers made available to them. Careers in the criminal justice field are in high demand by United States citizens for both increased protection and better prison facilities. According to Johnson (1998), “students interested in working in the criminal justice system have many careers from which to choose, including policing, corrections, and the judiciary” (para. 1). Those who study law enforcement, and the courts will be eager to progress those systems. Within the criminal justice system individuals will learn about investigation, operations and even so much as first aid. There is also an importance of recognizing the use of force and avoiding police brutality. Though there are different careers to choose from, students will have the opportunity to better comprehend the criminal justice system and whether or not it is the right field for them.

First there are the general principles and best practices inside of this system to go over. Insanity defense standards involves an individual treated justly when receiving consequences for their wrongdoing. It has to be proven that the person in question committed a crime. It also has to be proven that the person in question, has the mentality to commit the crime consciously. According to Miller (2013), “note that not guilty by reason of insanity is not an excusatory or mitigating factor; it is literally a verdict of not guilty, as if the defendant did not to do it at all” (p. 86). This is when psychological evaluations come into place and goes hand in hand with the criminal justice system. Another principle centers on the awareness of criminal actions is not evenly distributed among the different ethnic groups

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Let’s utilize a bucket as a metaphor displaying the demand for law enforcement within the community. There are three categories that could change the bucket and the level of water inside. Employees could possibly be leaked through a hole from the outcome of harassment. New recruitments might be prevented from flowing from the sink of new supply. Due to the possibility of work broadening, the bucket might enlarge. The bucket metaphor provides an image that an organization can run, in fact lack employees when it is functioning its full complement of present law enforcement (Wilson, 2010). It is important to realize there are both pros and cons to being a police officer. Individuals who desire to work in the criminal justice system, want to be able to help others in the community. Inside of this career are dangerous encounters but also good retirement and health benefits. On the downside in some locations the salaries are low and take part in the challenge of new recruitments. Job qualities like power, authority and a military environment were rarely the reason for a person to go into law enforcement (Castaneda et al., 2010). With recruitment, some see this as an opportunity and a door to other opportunities.


Though there are different careers to choose from, students will have the opportunity to better comprehend the criminal justice system and whether or not it is the right field for them. There are some differences present for the female and male gender who want a law enforcement career. Females compared to males were almost twice as likely to specify that working for a criminal justice agency in another department was the reason for being motivated to be an officer. A technique in recruiting women is having them start in jobs within the department. A low percentage of women shared that general advertising motivated them to want to have a law enforcement career. It is essential to be aware of the different techniques to recruit both genders.


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