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Outpatient department in the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital is a department that works on the basis of the individually tailored programs and intensive patient experience. The hospital deals with “patients with physical disabilities resulting from orthopedic and sports injuries, stroke, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cardiac disease, chronic pulmonary disease, arthritis, amputation and other causes” (Burke Outpatient Staff n. p.)

The services of the department include “physical and occupational therapy, speech, language and swallowing therapy, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation” (Burke Outpatient Staff n. p.).

Working in Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, employees are lucky to perform their tasks in supportive environment. Each employee has specific responsibilities and performing those employees can gain additional awards if the work is completed successfully. The conflicts among employees are solved by the head manager.

A person can be fired for inappropriate performance of the working responsibilities or spread of patients’ personal data. Employees are forbidden to shift from one position to another (to perform the responsibilities of another employee) without direct agreement from the head manager.

Employee satisfaction is a guarantee of success. One of the main ways to create the supportive environment in the organization and to make employees’ satisfied with their work is to focus on positive. Studer offers three ways to gain a desired goal. First, employer should discuss the wins and achievements of the department and staff. Second, leaders are to be united under the same goal. And third, employer should encourage staff to make the difference.

These simplest rules help staff understand that they can do something good, help them work in one and the same direction, and do all possible to be creative in their performance (Studer 142). The author of this reading recommends conducting surveys with the purpose to understand the level of staff satisfaction and to correct something if necessary.

The research conducted by Aiken, Clarke, & Sloane confirmed that nurse dissatisfaction with their work reduces their productivity that affects the patients’ condition (Aiken, Clarke, and Sloane 9). The quality of services is reduced as well that impacts the satisfaction of patients with the nurses and the hospital in general. Therefore, having considered all these facts, it is possible to make several recommendations for the staff manager of the outpatient department in the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital.

First of all, an anonymous survey should be conducted with the purpose to understand the level of staff satisfaction with the hospital authorities and working conditions. The survey should include several questions which deal with various aspects of the working atmosphere.

Attention to employees and their problems should be another aspect by the hospital authorities. Each employee should feel that he/she is respected and valued. When employees understand the level of their necessity, when they feel that they are needed they are satisfied with what they do.

The hospital authorities should reward the best employees to encourage the staff to work better and to give them a sign that they care for them. The conditions at the working place should be ideal. When employees work in the good conditions, when they are satisfied with their responsibilities, they try to do their best.

Second, the outpatient department in the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital should constantly improve and develop. Staff should be trained as in this case people will get additional knowledge and will have a desire to apply those new knowledge and skills in practice. Training and self development at the working place encourage employees to remain satisfied with the workplace as they feel care of the employers.

Training employees should be organized and planned as in this case the constant increase of professionalism of the staff will help follow their desires and increased demands, as well as the employer will have an opportunity to increase the demands from the staff.

Third, employees should have an opportunity to share their dissatisfaction and get the answers to how the problems are going to be solved. When employees see that their problems bother the authorities, when they understand that managers take care of them, the satisfaction increases and the quality of services improves.

Sometimes, people may be satisfied with the job they perform, but they are not sure that the department they work in exactly what they want. The versa situations may appear when people may be dissatisfied with the responsibilities but highly pleased with the surrounding environment and people. All these human desires are to be considered while implementing the staff satisfaction.

Finally, each hospital should have a professional human resource management department responsible for selecting the staff and conduct all the necessary procedures to make sure that working environment is supportive and people are satisfied. Satisfaction of the working conditions is one of the main factors which impacts the quality of the completed work.

Hospital organization should be on the highest level if the outpatient department in the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital wants to have satisfied employees. The advice presented in this memorandum should be practiced in combination with the constant improvement of the techniques. I recommend paying attention as these pieces of advice and using those in practice.

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