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A successful civilization is built off of a collaborative effort also known as teamwork. In William Golding’s classic novel ‘Lord of the Flies’, this idea is described throughout the entire story. In the novel, teamwork is always discussed from the beginning. The children needed to split up, make teams, and have a leader in order to create a successful society until help arrives. Throughout the story, many obstacles prevented the boys from creating one single successful civilization, but in the end, two societies were made to conform to the different ideas of the two leaders. This is very similar to the real-life story, where two Vietnamese men were found living in the jungle, after 40 years. The father-son duo created a successful way of living through bonding and teamwork. In conclusion, to make a successful civilization, hard work, and teamwork are needed, which can be seen in the interactions between Ralph and Piggy.

The idea of working as a team in order to get a list of goals accomplished can create a tight bond between the people you’re working with. This would allow this bond to grow stronger, which could lead to a strong friendship, and the cycle would continue to grow, allowing for a perfect society to be made, since all members are participating directly with their leader. This can be seen specifically nearing the middle to the end of the book, where it’s just Ralph, Piggy, and Simon against the rest of the island. The only support they have is themselves, and even though they don’t have any outside help from anyone else, they manage to create a list of goals and work hard to accomplish them. Their primary goals are to build shelter, create a pool so that they can bathe themselves, and have another fire burning at their end of the island so that they can have another signal for passers-by. With hard work and multiple obstacles such as running in with their rivals, they managed to accomplish most of their goals. This shows that with hard work and a good collaborative effort, making decisions based on everyone’s thoughts, and having everyone implement either their own thoughts or letting them give their opinion and work with it a healthy bond and civilization can be made.

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However, having a large crack and a lot of tension between other people can lead to both minor and major setbacks. In the later scenes of the book, where Ralph makes his final decision to be the leader of the entire group, Jack decides that it just can’t be like that because he didn’t get his way – which he is so used to. Jack ends up splitting the island into two rival sections, one for him and one for Ralph. A majority of the biguns and littluns go with Jack because of his hunting experience, and his leading experience when he was the leader of the choir boys – now known as the savages. His territory also had plentiful amounts of animals and they have a large space to cook their food. While it may have seemed impressive that his group was able to accomplish their goals in such a short amount of time, it was the work of robbery that got them the resources they needed. In the latter half of the story, Jack and his crew are looking for a new fire since theirs ran out. While Piggy and Ralph were sleeping in their newly constructed huts, Jack had his team steal their fire, which goes to show how disrespectful and immoral Jack is. In other words, since Jack didn’t get his goal accomplished, he decided to steal from his rivals in order to be satisfied. This shows that when teamwork isn’t done in a fashionable manner, there can be setbacks that can slow the process of getting things that are necessarily completed, and it also doesn’t make for a successful society if people aren’t able to work together.

Even though Golding’s story is a complete work of fiction, the story can relate to the real-life story of two men who lived in the wilderness for 40 years on their own in Vietnam. At the height of the Vietnam War, the country was battling the United States. Ho Van Thanh, who was 42 in 1973, took his infant child – Ho Van Lang – into the wilderness after a bomb exploded in the village where their family lived in. The bomb resulted in most of the family being killed. While in the wilderness, the two worked together in order to make a successful lifestyle – one that lasted for more than a quarter of a century. The two also managed to create a farm, create their own clothes, build a house, and they learned how to hunt wild animals and cook them for food. Much like the children in the book, the pair had no contact with the outside world and had to create a living only with natural resources. Their teamwork – much like Ralph and Piggy’s at the end of the story – allowed them to live a lifestyle that they felt comfortable living, and they completed a majority of the goals that they set for themselves, which, in return, would create a successful society. Both men worked together and did exactly what they needed to, which was to find a constant food source, a constant water source, and a shelter. This can be tied directly with Ralph and Piggy’s collaborative teamwork because the two of them also had to live and create tools and shelters only with natural resources. For example, the two had to make shelters for themselves and the littluns, find a constant food source (which were the berries that they found in the forest), and finally find a water source. The story of Ho Van Thanh and Ho Van Lang is truly remarkable and shows that the work of teamwork can be the building blocks behind a successful society since only the two of them were able to create a house, and do so much more while together.

To conclude, the idea of successful teamwork and creating a strong bond with whom you are working can lead to a successful civilization. In Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’, Ralph and Piggy had very limited help and managed to create everything they needed for a fully functional society and managed to complete their needed goals even though there were setbacks caused by their primary rivals. Ralph and Piggy were hard workers and through teamwork, the two of them were able to create temporary shelters, get food, get water, signal for help, and eventually get the help they needed, even though Piggy wasn’t able to experience it because of his early passing due to their rivals. The power of teamwork also relates to real-world situations, such as the story of Ho Van Thanh and his son. Altogether, with teamwork and hard work a successful civilization can be completed since they are the two most important factors when creating one.

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