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There are many different traits that bosses and business owners look for when hiring. In this essay, I will be covering nine different qualities that characterize a good employee.

The first important skill of a good employee is leadership. Employees who demonstrate leadership qualities are people who will definitely get hired. To show great leadership skills, a person needs to take initiative and get their work done, not only taking care of themselves but also leading other employees and helping them complete their jobs.

Communication skills are also key for employees to have. Solid writing and good speaking skills are qualities that are looked for during the hiring process. Employees and apprentices who can connect with others both socially and emotionally are more likely to get hired.

A good employee is also characterized by the ability to actively listen. Finding employees who actively listen means they’ll catch on quickly as they follow tasks properly and get the job done efficiently. With this skill, the employees will work great in customer service as they listen to customers.

The fourth quality is self-management. Employees who manage themselves and their work means they know their responsibilities and the work they need to get done. This is what bosses and business owners are looking for. They can organize themselves and acknowledge what needs to be done and, as a result, complete the task.

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Being productive is also very important for a good employee. This means prioritizing your work and managing your time well. If you are not doing the work, you are allocated and you’re getting paid for doing nothing, and as a result, you will get fired. If you are being productive while you are working, your bosses will see that and reward you.

Goal orientation is another key quality. Being goal-oriented means focusing on your work. Push yourself to do the best that you can. A goal-oriented person works hard to achieve good results in the tasks set before him.

Never say ‘no’ and be positive. Employers look for people with a ‘can do’ attitude because they can be trusted. Bosses and business owners aren’t going to employ people who don’t want to be in the workplace or don’t do their elicited jobs, so always try your best and work hard.

Passion also defines a good employee. If you are passionate about your work, you will enjoy what you are doing. When you enjoy your work, it will naturally bring out the best in you. To be passionate, you need to show that you are willing to learn and want to be involved in the work you are doing.

And the last quality is the ability to work in a team. Teamwork is a group of interdependent people who work together to complete a goal they have in common. To have good teamwork skills, you need to be cooperative as you are working with a lot of different people. You need to listen to what everyone has to say. It is important to have good teamwork skills as the majority of apprentices and employees work in and around people.

Summing up, these nine qualities define a good employee. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to have all of them to be higher, but the more of these qualities you have, the better you will be at getting a job and keeping it.

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