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Mom, please do not leave me says 5-year-old Cathy Lucky she and over one million other kids still have their mom since 1989 present day more than half a million women have successfully been treated for breast cancer in the United States alone according (DePolo, J 2019) the medical journal of Cairo university (Yurtoğlu, N 2018) also estimates about 1.7 million new breast cancer patient every year thanks to god and the animal testing we are ready to treat them as we advance in medical research we find the faulty gens and bad treatment so that we do not need to test it on humans as shattering families for testing is both cruel and unethical. Discovering new medicine thus extending human life span, in addition to helping animals themselves are the sweet fruits of animal testing. however sadly, some activists want to stop it saying it’s cruel in parallel with being pointless as humans and animals are different on the cellular level.

Despite all the horrific danger we put ourselves in if we stopped animal testing as it takes credit for discovering cures and new medicine as well as extending the human lifespan, still some activists believe that animal testing should be stopped justifying that by how cruel it is. Certainly, we cannot say animal testing is not cruel however it is the price we are willing to pay to save a loved one whether it is a father, mother, or son never the less scientists are not cruelty-motivated in fact every day they are looking for alternatives Ben Lewis, founder of (The One Health Company, 2015) got a nicer idea instead of injecting animals with diseases he searches for already sick ones and test on them. Scientist also ensures that animal testing is our last option organizations like the United Kingdom’s cancer research facility is continuously making rules and regulations to ensure that animal tests is conducted for extremely promising medicines (Scott, D 2011).

as animals might not be exactly just like us still Chimpanzees have 99% of our DNA as published by (Britten, 2002) and it makes them as close as they could be to giving matching results which make our lives at much lower risk, unfortunately, the closest living being to us that have the same organs and living cycle that can be tested on other than animals is us, humans, and testing on animals saves us from that unethical decision that has been taken before by Nazis (Weindling, P., von Villiez, A., Loewenau, A., & Farron, N., 2016) that was cruel and heart-shattering these experiments went from mustard gas testing and poison to blood clotting experiments by shooting them alive in the nick or the shoulder without anesthesia or even cutting their limps and if they were lucky enough to survive one test they would go the other or sometimes if they were a faulty test subject they would burn them alive to control contamination.

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cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, hepatitis, and malaria, and the list goes on these dangerous diseases have been cured or a cure for it was invented thanks to animal testing a full list is present on the official website of (testing, 2016) some of these diseases are not only bad for their carrier but also for every single living being human or animal we must fear the worst as before catastrophic events have happened like the plague “the black death” (Nils Chr Stenseth,* Bakyt B Atshabar, Mike Begon, Steven R Belmain, Eric Bertherat, Elisabeth Carniel, Kenneth L Gage, Herwig Leirs, and Lila Rahalison, 2008) that not only killed it carrier but also everyone around him spreading so far that it wiped half of the population of half a continent the black death, unfortunately, took almost 50 million human lives and even more lives from live stocks and animals(Benedictow. O, 2005). And who does not appreciate every single moment he spends with a loved one who is able to live much longer as the human average life expectancy thanks to animal testing increased by as much as 25 years ((US), 1988) that means fathers and mothers can live to the day they see their little child getting married even better they also can hold the sons of their sons who do not appreciate the fact that he is able to see their grandfathers and mothers.

The foundation for biomedical research animal testing (testing, 2016) is not only concerned with humans but also veterinary medicine being produced beside human medicine to ensure a good life for both living beings. Animals are not only important for us as test subjects but also as living stock as most of our sustaining food on earth comes from them in addition to taking them as pets as it has been proven by science how much pets improve mental health (Brooks, H. L., Rushton, K., Lovell, K., Bee, P., Walker, L., Grant, L., & Rogers, A. (2018)) not only that but also maintaining the balance of nature Endangered Species are being saved every day thanks to animal research (Lewis, B., Dr. (2015)) as losing animal species might cause major life-changing event as nature has to be balanced as much there has to predators there have to be preys.

in the end, we cannot ignore how much animal testing is cruel and against our beliefs and humanity or how much animals might be different from us even if it’s only 5% but we also cannot give our back to millions even billions of families and their kids and abandon our medical breakthroughs and ignore the fact we are also helping animals themselves billions of people are living happily today with their families and their loved ones because of a pill or a syrup that costs less than the price of a loaf of a bread that was discovered as a result of a test on an animal so as long as we do not have any other living cycle that is typical to our animals

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