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Procter & Gamble from its website is a multinational firm that is involved in the production and selling of a wide range of consumer products. The company deals in pharmaceutical supplies, fabric care, and house care supplies, personal care, and pet supplies. The brand I selected for this paper is cleaning and house care supplies. The company has positioned its brand in the market in such a way that it is easily accessible to consumers. The company has been able to prove to have very reliable and high-quality products, which consumers easily identify with.

The products that the company provides are rated cheap compared to its competitors, and they are easily accessible to consumers from any convenience store in the country (DeRoulet, 27). Accessibility of the product in a wide area makes it preferable by the consumers to other products. This is a key aspect that any producer should focus on to maximize their sales. The company has used segmentation and mainly targets women who are mainly viewed as the homemakers for this product. The company uses marketing techniques that mainly target women and thus increasing the company’s market share.

The company has used the brand effectively to build a relationship with its consumers. This is because the consumers already identify the company and its Procter. the producers gamble brands with quality and reliable products that the customers or consumers consider as a good bargain when they are purchasing them (Graeme, 126). The company in all its products and the brand has been able to create the right psychological mood for any products by the company. This is because the company has been at the forefront of manufacturing innovative products for the market. The products have always met the end user’s expectations, and thus the company has been able to build a strong brand for itself. Therefore, the company’s brand has positioned its brand umbrella in a very advantageous position that will highly support the adoption of any new products into the market.

At home, I use a number of the company’s products, which include:

Therefore, to increase the marketing and segment me as a consumer the most important thing to a marketer is being able to maximize the reach of the advertisement. By maximizing the reach of the advertisement, the advertiser can appeal to a greater audience. By only concentrating on the frequency of the advertisement then the advertiser will not attain the targeted audience for the advertisement. Maximizing reach for an advertisement campaign will ensure that the company can reach a greater audience at a cheaper cost (Adaval, 9). On the other hand, maximizing the reach of an advertising campaign ensures that the advertiser reaches his or her target audience.

The advertiser by maximizing reach will have created a strong brand for itself and will impose a strong identification of its products such that consumers and the public. The company has been able to create an image, a set of consumer expectations also an apple logo that is easily identifiable by consumers. The company has been able to separate itself from all its competition and has set itself apart in an effort to attract consumers. The consumers easily pick their products over products from other companies that are competing for an equal market share.

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