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The original problem of the Communications Department is the outdated telephone equipment adjusted in the campus. The fact is that, the patches exist for this equipment, nevertheless, these are expensive enough. Originally, all the departments which have installed the patch for the outdated communication equipment have an opportunity of using the feature of the quick-dial. Those, who do not have an opportunity of purchasing the patch, do not have an opportunity of using this feature correspondingly. The main problem which is stated, whether the Communications Department of the campus needs the feature of quick dialing, and whether this feature will be profitable enough for the department.


The main problem which is stated is the actual need of the Communications Department in the quick-dialing feature. As it has been stated, this feature may be available only after the installation of a patch, as the communication network was installed fifteen years ago. Originally, the Communication Department requires the quick connection as well as quick dialing for the increase of the working process speed, and decrease of the lag rates. The fact is that, this department requires the decrease of the lags the most, as the communication process generally requires perfect adjustment for the work of the entire organization without failures, caused by the communication problems. In the light of this fact, it should be emphasized that the communication department needs this upgrade the most, nevertheless, this expensive upgrade will be reasonable if the current situation with equipment makes the department work on the edge of its opportunities, and the upgrade itself will provide an opportunity for the liberation of human, time or technical resources.

On the other hand, if the department is not overloaded with the working assignments, the upgrade of the communication equipment will not foster the actual capacity of the department, the allocation of the resources for the upgrade will not be required, and these resources may be spent for a more important project. From the regarded perspective the problem seems to be vague, nevertheless, in order to solve it, there is strong necessity to estimate the current situation within the department and define how much time is spent for the communication, thus, making particular accent on the defining the total time of lags, caused by the dialing speed. If the quick-dialing feature will really increase the amount of the performed work and assignment, thus, it will be reasoned. Otherwise, it will be regarded as the useless expenditure.

There is extreme necessity to emphasize that the original necessity in upgrading the system should be estimated before the purchase of the upgrade. The perfect variant will be to test the system in the test mode if it is possible. This means that the company will be required to deal with the supplier to test the system on the mutually advantageous agreement, as initially, the test mode is not available, and then, all the necessary observations will be made


Finally, it should be emphasized that the quick-dialing feature, which is regarded to be the tool for increasing the speed of completing the working assignments is generally the necessary upgrade for the Communication Department, nevertheless, in order to define the real necessity, some observations should be performed.

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