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Part 1. The practice that I want to have is an OB/GYN. The reason why I want to have an OB/GYN is because I am fascinated with how babies are born, and what goes into everything during pregnancies. It is an absolute miracle. My practice will be a little more involved than most OB/GNY’s. I guess you could call it a “one stop shop” OB/GYN. I know that from my personal experience of having children, I always had to go to different places to get certain things done. Just for example, in order for me to get an ultrasound I would have to go to a hospital, my OB/GYN did not really do them there.

And when I needed to get blood work done, I had to do to Quest to have blood drawn. And when I had to deliver my baby, I had to go to the hospital. Now the OB/GYN that I have in mind I will have all of that there. There will be an area of the doctor’s office for women who need to get blood work done, another area to do ultrasounds, and believe it or not, another area to deliver the baby. The type of people that I will have working at my practice will be first and for most, the OB/GYN. In other words, the baby doctor. That will be the person who checks on the pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy, and the person who delivers as well.

The next will be nurses. They are the ones who will help the doctor’s, and help take care of the patients. The next will be the ultrasound technicians. The people who will be giving the girls their ultrasounds. The other people that I will have be working there are the technicians who will do your blood work. And of course there will be the girls who work behind the desk, the assistants who schedule appointments, file the paper work, things like that. I almost forgot to clarify that my OB/GYN will only be for pregnant women. I think that it makes it easier that way, just to focus on one thing.

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And that is the type of practice that I will have. Part 2. Missions Statement As a premier medical group in Bristol Pennsylvania, our goal is to provide current, quality comprehensive medical care to a large number of area women in their pregnancy. We continuously strive to create a patient to doctor relationship that goes beyond today’s standard, partnering with our patients through education, diagnosis, progressive treatment options and ongoing care, while providing the best care to our pregnant patients. Making them feel comfortable as much as possible.

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