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Being yourself is classified as not letting others to depict or choose who you are. You are being judged regardless of what you do, so being yourself makes happiness easier to obtain. Live life on your terms, not someone else’s. Being yourself is important because you will not be happy otherwise.

I have discovered the value in being true to myself. Though it is not always easy to be true to myself, my values and beliefs, it is necessary for me to be my most authentic self. Going against what others want or expect from me is sometimes a challenge and uncomfortable. However, this is my strongest power. Being able to stand up for what I believe in and not be pressured into doing what others want, helps me succeed in life.

When I do things or agree with others because I feel pressured into their way of doing or thinking, I always sense a feeling of disappointment within myself. When I do not completely agree with others and have that feeling of being pressured by them and am not being true to myself, it leaves me feeling regretful.

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For many years I was a people pleaser. I did anything and everything I could to get people to like, love and accept me. I never questioned why I did this, not did I dealt with the feelings inside all about selling myself short for something I should not have to negotiate for, acceptance. As I got older, I began to accept that I was good enough, even with my flaws. Then I begin to figure out it was okay if not everyone liked me or accepted me. As long as I was being true to myself, I could feel good about who I was and how I lived.

As many of you know, I tend to be competitive, and like to win. Since being competitive comes naturally to me, controlling it and holding in is hard. Many times, companions have addressed me saying I am too competitive or too aggressive. They said this is why they didn’t want to be my friend. Many would take this personally and try to change to become someone less competitive/ aggressive, but I brushed it off and didn’t let it get to me, staying true to my morals and natural self.

I firmly believe that using the ability to be ourselves will help everyone relate to others better when we’re not afraid of being vulnerable. We know that there is no way to always and completely please other people. Even if you completely agree with them or do what they want, it seems most people will still find something that they are not happy about relating to you. This is usually due to their own self-acceptance and self-love issues, not about you. This power will help in the future, by teaching us that being aware of the importance of having our own values and beliefs and living by them, and to let go of hurt feelings that come up. I learned to tell myself that I am okay, just as I am, even though I am not perfect and make mistakes.

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