I need an excellent writer to write an essay for a VERY TOUGH Professor! Please only respond if you are an EXCELLENT writer. PLS 372 – Modern Political Philosophy First Essay Assignment In 4-5 pages, answer the following prompt. However, work your answer into a single coherent paper. In other words, I expect an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This assignment is due by midnight on May 31st and will be graded out of 100 points. Be sure to answer each of the questions completely.Prompt: How does Hobbes define power? How is the desire for power part of human nature? What sorts of desires (hint: things like honor and ease) are involved in our desire for power? Formatting. Your essay should be written in Times New Roman and be in 12-point font. It should have 1-inch margins on each side and be double-spaced. In the top left corner of the first page only, write your name. Citations. I do not require a specific style of citation, but you are required to cite the sources and be consistent in your style of citation. There is no strict rule as to number of citations, but a good rule of thumb is that you should average three citations per page. Avoid excessive quoting of the text, but do recognize that a citation may be needed even if you are not directly quoting. Avoid secondary materials. Secondary materials vary in quality, will likely only confuse you further, and generally will not help you write a better paper. Stick with the primary sources.General tip. Instead of looking at outside sources, work closely with the primary texts. The best papers will present the arguments in their own terms and provide original examples to explain the material. The best papers will also explain how each of the ideas are related and connected to one another. Thinking through the primary texts on your own, and in your own words, will be rewarded. Relying upon the language of others is obvious, lazy, shows less understanding, and may also be guilty of plagiarism. A paper that is written in your own words, and displays a personal and close interaction with the primary text, even if it makes minor slip-ups, will earn a higher grade than a paper that uses meaningless academic jargon that you do not understand, but is more “accurate. ******Please use the following links as necessary sources for the paper***** Please cite all sources, and be grammatically correct. Hobbes. Leviathan. Penguin Classics: You may ONLY use the following chapters: Chapter 1, 10-18 https://www.ttu.ee/public/m/martmurdvee/EconPsy/6/Hobbes_Thomas_1660_The_Leviathan.pdf Two Treatises of Government. Cambridge University Press; 3rd edition. You may ONLY use the following chapters: 1-13 https://bcventura.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/john_locke_two_treatises_of_governmentbookzz-org.pdf You may also use outside sources, but please write most of the paper according to the links provided. Thank you!

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