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The motion picture named The Road is all About struggle in human life. This film has a couple of characteristics one of the individuals in this picture assumes his job as dad and the young individual assumes his job as a child. In this motion, picture individual keeps battling for survival because a creature that includes plants and animals has been killed which makes an individual life increasingly troublesome. This motion picture depends on individual life who battles his life for survival in this world.

In the wake of watching this motion picture, we feel very miserable however the author delightfully wrote this. This motion picture was difficult to watch because this has a miserable story. This film has heaps of heart-touching contacting scenes. In this picture, the father has a unendingness love for his child in such an extremely hard time which keeps motivates us to watch. In this film, I have seen that father’s love not just gives a safe shelter or house to the child but also shields him from bad and awful things which makes us emotional.

The whole motion picture portrays the significance of the battle in human life. This movie shows the value of humanity because of the father in this film who always battle in his life to endure and keep safe his child from other people. On the opposite side, his better half or his wife was not supporting him since she would not battle throughout everyday life. After that, his wife decided that she cannot struggle for food and then finally she committed suicide. The estimation of humankind and self-safeguarding was portrayed by his child to his dad.

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Also. I believe that we need to battle in our life to accomplish something. Without surviving in this world, we can not get what we want, which is the reality and already set in our life. Our life has two sides one is simple or easy and the other is brimming with battle. So we should battle against these issues or problems in our life which can help us to achieve our goals. One example in this motion picture is that the person was wounded by the arrow and was very close to his death but he protects his son from dying and that was a delicate minute in the motion picture.

According to me we generally ought to pursue the method for humankind and should think positively and always be happy in our life and share respect with each other. This is human life. Anyone can feel helpless in some situations but we should always motivate ourselves and struggle with the situation and accomplish our because no goal is easy to get. According to me this film is marvelous and passes a great message to all individuals that we ought to dependably battle in our life.

I also agree with Buddha’s view of life that life is full of struggle and life gives us many ups and sows but we should always try our best and never give up in our life because life also gives us the opportunity to achieve something in our life. So we should enjoy our life and we all know happiness can not be every time so we should face our difficult moments very well way.

At last, this motion picture passes a message to individuals that we should continue the battle in our life for survival and for goal achievements and never surrender ourselves in any circumstances. We should never confront disappointment in our life and battle over and over to reach our target.

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