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The Philosophy of education has been a wide international forum since the beginning of mankind. I believe the student-centered approach in my teaching. I believe in a safe environment so learners can flourish. A strong teaching philosophy will make clear claims of your teaching, reach one, teach one is a belief if you’re reaching your students its clear concrete examples and evidence, you’re reaching them.

When I have received my Master of School Counselor, I want to teach and mentoring students because we have so many troubled young people in school today. Some are in gangs, selling drugs, or young girls becoming mothers. We also have elementary kids on suspension or expelled for various reasons. This is another reason for me to go in this field to assist families and children. I mentor young male students. I see great potential in them. They can and will succeed. When working in a small classroom setting with children that have special needs? It is very challenging and rewarding. It takes the time to love and patience to deal with special needs children. I also work as a football and basketball coach. I teach the Jr. high and high school boys the skills set of the game. I mentor them to be young men and set a positive example for their peers, adults, and more teenage children. I want them to have respect for themselves and their teammates. I am a member of The William Capel Christian Church in Manning. I also do whatever is a need the needs of my church.

Philosophy of Schools & Learning

The relationship between general and special educators is one that is designed in order to create an optimal growth of learning within a diverse set of students with a variety of learning abilities. Co-teaching is a type of partnership that has begun to increase regarding the design of a classroom environment. This unique pairing of individuals has taken a new turn towards creating a classroom environment, which is based around different philosophies that connect with the idea that two is better than one. To answer this type of question research is required to be conducted to better understand the reasoning behind this truth-seeking question. Two minds coming together as one is a learning experience for both teachers and students that will have both its ups and downs towards an outlook on this type of learning environment.

The strength I bring to the classroom as a paraprofessional is an experience and understanding of the students who have a disability. I believe my students in my special education classroom can learn, but they just learn in a different way. My teaching philosophies are to educate children even if they are a little different. When working with a special education child, you must use a different learning theory method in the classroom. The B. F. Skinner’s behavior modification theory was use in my class to create and reinforced a by the environment. I believe doing a small group with my students would give good participation from all the students. I would make sure we focus on the top, so my students can’t be confused with the assignment. The most in importantly, I want to make sure all students who work with me in a small group can learn and take part in the classroom. According to Erikson’s stages of childhood development, having a series of crises was the result in positive or maladaptive behaviors for example in special education classroom the students in classroom always have needs or some have crises in the classroom. The teacher needs to build the positive skills to help the students with their cries and their behaviors.

In working in a special education classroom, the teacher and paraprofessional come together and teach the student as a one-unit sometime teacher and paraprofessional must do co do co-teaching and work in a small group. According to the book, “Co-teaching has rapidly evolved and can be recognized as one way to ensure students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum; they are taught by highly qualified teachers while still receiving the individualized, special education and other supports to which it entitles them.” (Friend, Cook, 2000)

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Instructional Practice

The focus on a positive learning environment by teachers implementing strategies to improve academics. Focus on the students understanding instructions. Students with learning disabilities have different learning styles. The teacher and paraprofessional should work together to learn the student’s way of learning. Focus on having a learning environment to teach them to have positive behaviors. The third issue of this research are the team building, the teacher and paraprofessional come together and work together in a special education classroom with students who have multiple disabilities. The teamwork must be put in place to help these students. Some of these students need that one on one time with the teacher and paraprofessional. The solution to this problem is having a strategy that will work with these kinds of students to help them succeed. The strategy is 1. relationships are everything, 2. establish expectations from day 1, 3. express gratitude often, 4. acknowledge their experiences, 5. be a problem solver.

It is the belief of this researcher that all three of these strategies are instrumental when implementing co-teaching and team building so all would be used in the study. There is more than just changing what the reporting system looks like, as noted above. The feedback is surely key, there that would be a focus strategy that would directly influence the student’s ability and motivate the students to perform with proficiency on a learning standard.

Teacher- Learner Relationship

The special education classroom has changed tremendously over the years with students staying in their classroom all day working in small groups with their special education teacher and a paraprofessional. At various time a support teacher will assist the classroom to help the students on achieving their goals. The teacher and paraprofessional will team up in a core partnership or relationship in the inclusion classroom. Whether these education professionals work in or out of various classrooms, it is vital to everyone’s success to develop a good co-teaching partnership. It is important when paraprofessional is in your classroom full-time in implementing their educational skills. Though a paraprofessional’s duties may already be in place when they come into the classrooms, they have ideas that can be contributed to the classroom. The teachers need to know and understand that they are the lead teacher or the main teacher of their classrooms. They should not treat the paraprofessional as a lesser person or be a negative force to them. If teachers understand this, the classroom will work for the better of both parties. The inclusive classroom climate refers to an environment where all students feel supported intellectually and academically and are extended a sense of belonging in the classroom regardless of identity, learning preferences, or education. Such environments are sustained when instructors and students work together for thoughtfulness, respect, academic excellence, and are key to encouraging the academic success of all students. Research indicates that many students may be more likely to prosper academically in settings with more collaborative modes of learning that acknowledge students’ personal experiences (Kaplan & Miller 2007). Culture and community building at the classroom and school wide levels are the foundation for every aspect of improved teaching and learning and particularly important when checking for understanding. Students must feel safe to communicate honestly about their progress.


A special education teacher’s face so many culturally diverse with students you may have in your classroom using these guidelines and strategies for teaching your lessons to meet the needs of these students. Sometime get challenging because the cause the special education teacher must watch out for student’s behaviors, parents, and the Individual Education Program (IEP) to meet the needs for students and for the Department of Education.

My Journey through education.

Throughout my journey to complete my degrees in social work, I have reached students through hard work, extensive research and perseverance; leading be an example and challenging students to work consistently at their fullest potential. I believe that my education, training through various service- learning projects, internships, and other related experiences would benefit not only students but also their families. I work hard in every aspect of my career. While attending Denmark Technical College, I was President of the Esquire Club. We were taught to present ourselves as positive role models. We always had to respect others and ourselves. When being this field of education I found myself doing the work for God who help me to become educator for today young. I believe that my calling was to help young men in different age group to be success in the classroom and in sports.


In conclusion a teacher, football coach and basketball coach can be challenging and rewarding. The experiences that I have been through with my education help me to be strong in this field of education. I enjoy teaching young scholars, and I like working with children who have disabilities because I used to be like them when I was gowning up. It really takes a special person to work with these kids they need a positive role model who will not give up on them. reach one, teach one is a belief if you’re reaching your students its clear concrete examples and evidence, you’re reaching them.


  1. Kaplan, M. & Miller, A. T. (Eds.). (2007). Special Issue: Scholarship of multicultural teaching and learning. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, (111).
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