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Near Death Experience while in London

One of the most memorable trips I had in my life was the one I had to London. Two weeks before the regional exam, I planned to travel to London with my friends in order to reduce the stress we had during the preparation before the exam. This experience was unique because it was the first time I traveled abroad and see a culture different than mine. What distinguish this trip were some incidents, especially the one that could have caused my death.

After saying goodbye to my parents, I went to Casablanca airport to meet my friends in order to take the plane to London. Traveling by plane for the first time in my life was really exciting, I really liked the feeling of getting far away from the ground and seeing some beautiful scenery of my country. Once arrived in London and after unpacking our luggage in the hotel, my friends and I had a tour of the city where we took some beautiful pictures, that was an attractive city with its Old Italian style buildings.

Everything was fine until the first incident occurred. While walking in the small streets of the city, one of my friends and I went to try some chocolate at a traditional shop, but the other two left without noticing us. After eating our chocolate we looked for them but we didn’t find them, the streets were narrow and small to get easily lost, and our phones were uncharged so we could not reach them, we spent more than two hours looking for them. Fortunately, we finally met at the seaside.

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After that day, we attended a musical event that we booked a while ago, not far from the mountains of the city and also not far from our hotel; we spent three days of fun where we relaxed a lot. I still remember the view of these mountains while listening to some soulful music.

After having a memorable experience in Nice, we went to Brighton, a city near London, where we had to meet some other friends. Once we arrived, we directly went to the hotel that we booked, and then we met the others. They were very welcoming; we had a good time together. They also invited us the day after to play a game called airsoft in the woods near the city. The game concept is similar to the one of paintball, in this game we have real weapons except for the bullets which are replaced by some small plastic balls. The game was so fun and amazing and felt real, even the sounds emitted by weapons were loud, suddenly the policemen arrived holding guns, I thought at the beginning they were just some other friends so I did not care, the cops were saying in French ‘’ Par Terre, Par Terre !!’’, I was just laughing, as I thought it was part of the game. Then because I kept laughing they all pointed their guns at me and were on the point of shooting me. After some minutes I realized that wasn’t a game anymore. We all were scared at this moment. So, we all let down our gaming weapons and did what the police were telling us to do. After that, they all took us to the police station, where they started asking us about some personal information such as where were we yesterday the night and what were we doing, in my turn, I was so afraid and stressed. One of my friends asked to have a lawyer. I can’t remember how long we waited for the lawyer to come but it seemed like years of waiting, the time wasn’t passing at all. After three or four hours of waiting for the arrival of the lawyer under stress, he finally came and talked in private with the quartermaster. They finally understand that it was only a game that we were playing between friends. They came and apologized to us for this big mistake. When we were back at the hotel, we all were so tired that we all directly slept without saying a word to each other.

The next day was our last one there; I was so tired that I couldn’t do anything I just wanted to go back home next to my family. After storing our entire luggage, we checked out from the hotel and we took the road to the airport. When I arrived I was so happy to find my parents and was happy to be in a familiar environment. To sum up, it is necessary to say that traveling is important because it makes people culturally richer, but it is vital to always pay attention, be prudent and expect anything to happen.

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