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So when 6th grade started I hoped that things wouldn’t have changed much from elementary school, but I was wrong. I hadn’t changed schools so all my friends stayed the same, it was the homework I was worried about. However, we actually had a lot less homework because of our teacher. Our teacher was very unusual, her name was Ms.B (dun duuuuun)! Her lips weirdly glowed as one of those cheap red glow sticks on Halloween. Every now and then she would wear an animal coat like one of those evil villains from the 1980s(Cruella De Vil). What she didn’t know was that (at the time) I had a nose problem where when I blew my nose it was very loud. So I got in trouble for that a lot. She was very sexist against boys, (I can’t say we were perfect little angels but) the girls should have gotten in trouble just as much as we did. But you get the point, I feel that she did not care about my needs. Because of this my sixth-grade year had many challenges and was not at all what I expected it to be.

At the beginning of 6th grade, I thought that it was just how every year started, with the teacher not being able to handle us for the first week or two. I had gotten in trouble a few times but that was normal for me, except it started to get out of hand. I sometimes got in trouble for reading a book while everybody else was also reading a book. After a week or two of that, I got tired of it. I frequently got in trouble, for what seemed to me like no reason at all. It started to get on my nerves because I don’t like getting put in hot water. Then I got in trouble for going to the bathroom for 30 seconds longer than I was supposed to. From time to time I got in trouble for shouting when the rest of the class and I were all quiet. That got frustrating quickly.

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The Christmas party was very unusual in sixth grade. One of our classmates was leaving to go back to Spain(her name was Sophia). Ms.B let some people use their phones to take pictures with her since that would most likely be the last time they saw each other. Then a few people asked if we could all use our phones. After people got their phones out, I double-checked if we were allowed to use our phones just to make sure I wouldn’t get in trouble. When the principal came in and asked Ms.B if she had let us use our phones, she looked around the classroom and everybody who is on their phone got detention. Even though I even double-checked with her that it was OK, I still got detention. ( nobody stayed after school even though she said we would, which was a plus).

Another thing that happened was when my throat got clogged up. Sometimes when I breathe my throat would clench up and I would start coughing. The first time it happened, everyone was confused and told me to go get water, so I ran out of the classroom and went straight to the water fountain. I pulled up a chair from a nearby table because I knew it was going to be a while. When it happened a second time I ran out to get water but then once I got past her I thought I heard Ms.B laughing at me, which made me feel bad. After school that day, I told the principal who didn’t believe me so I left school for the day.

In March of 6th grade getting in trouble was the usual and so was feeling upset. Then something unusual happened. One day Ms.B was gone. We all believed she got fired but who knows, she was gone and I was happy. I thought to myself “Finally after almost a year she is finally gone and she’s not coming back.” The librarian was our new teacher, he turned out to be a great teacher. The school tried to tell us that she left on her own but most of us had a feeling she was fired. Because 2 or 3 weeks before she had been in class with the usual sinister looks and glares, then she got called to the office the next thing we knew she had torn down the side of her face and she left the school for the day. Before she left school for the day she had packed up everything on her desk including a bright red glass apple that she never took off her desk. We all saw it coming for her at some time or another it was just more of a surprise than we expected. In the end, it was just one crazy year for me and all my friends.

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