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It was finally the day, the day that I could say I was the most excited person on Earth. I was leaving Earth to go to Mars at six in the morning sharp. I have spent years on Earth researching about Mars, but now I can finally go and do so many tests.

I was even more excited when I remembered that I would be traveling by rocket that I had made myself and my buddy, Jackie Fan, She actually worked for the company that helped me make the rocket. My rocket was the power model, the Saturn V. I was going with my crew Jackie, Hannah, Bernich, and my dog making it the first dog on Mars. Jackie was a professional engineer who worked for Boeing, an Aerospace company, we have been friends since being in the same science class for year 7. Hannah was a professional scientist and was a single mother with 16-year-old twins, Avery and Audrey. We met during a science course in university and Bernich was a professional pilot and I met during a Blackpink concert when I was 15 years old. Her weakness was chilli food even better was rather hot for her. My dog’s name is Kuma, Kuma is a brown pomeranian (fully grown). I got Kuma as a Christmas present when I was 21. Kuma loves to play hide ‘n’ seek and she hates canned dog food, she prefers food that humans eat such as watermelon and basically any other fruits that dogs can eat. Kuma was a bit of a weird dog, but I still loved her.

My aim was to find out if there were any living creatures on Mars and make Kuma the first dog to be on Mars and live like a normal dog for at least 24 hours.

When the time finally came, everything was set up the controls, engine, and everything else needed. I got into the rocket with my crew and it’s it was the most tense and anxious moment of my life. “3….2….1….BLAST OFF!”. It was the longest few seconds of my life. It felt like my heart could pump out of my chest. It was successful? take-off. Once I heard my team on Earth say that I felt light as a feather.

Mars is 140 miles from Earth which would probably take 300 days. From Mars to the moon is 77.79km. To sum it all up, basically, this is going to be a long journey.

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We have finally entered space. It was a 300-day journey to Mars. The days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. But the day finally came, we had landed on Mars with a bit of a bumpy landing. Soon enough my dog would become the world’s first dog to step foot on Mars. I put my gear on, got my oxygen tank ready, and made sure everything was stable in the ship before coming out.

As I stepped foot on Mars I noticed something was off, the place looked like it had a very faint green gas floating, but I just ignored thinking that it was normal. I explored and collected many samples and made some exemplary discoveries such as finding out that water was actually on Mars, why it was called the red planet because It’s red on the floor due to rusty iron. Mars has seasons, ice caps, volcanoes, canyons, and climate like Earth. It has a very thin carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon atmosphere.

After walking and exploring the planet for a few hours I collected a large amount of rock samples along with some souvenirs for my family back on Earth. It was time for Kuma to become the world’s first dog to step onto Mars. My crew suited Kuma up and I hid a few treats in there so that Kuma would stay in the suit and try not to escape, and if Kuma did escape she would die because of the lack of oxygen in Mars’s atmosphere. So hopefully she doesn’t do that. Otherwise, she would be the first dog to die on Mars instead of the first dog to be on Mars for 24 hours and return home safely.

It was exactly 9:00 am (Earth time) when Kuma was ready, She had her mini astronaut dog suit, oxygen tank, and even her favorite toy, Mr. Blueberry, just to make her feel safe. I stepped out of the rocket ship with Kuma, walking around and getting Kuma familiar with Mars. It felt like another day on Earth, walking Kuma with her leash, Kuma exploring places, except that she couldn’t pee on anything except for her astronaut suit. I realized when she peed in her suit that I had to go back to the rocket and this gave her a dog nappy. I knew one day that ill need it. So I put that on her she we went out again. This time it had felt like another Earth except just an embarrassing day, but luckily no one was there to see Kuma wearing dog nappies.

After a couple of hours, I was still walking not sure if I had gotten lost. I called my crew, but the part of Mars that I was in had no signal. I didn’t know what to do. So I just tried to go back. While going back I tripped on some rock and smashed my element onto the ground, Kuma also tripped and her mask had a few minor cracks. I got up and noticed that green gas was filling Kuma’s helmet up. But I thought nothing of it so I contoured to walk. I had noticed that Kuma wasn’t as playful as Kuma usually was. The atmosphere becomes greener and greener. Kuma’s helmet looked like he had no air left, but I still thought nothing of it, thinking that she would be okay, she had a full oxygen tank. We walked and walked and then when I finally found our rocketship, Kuma was gone. I walked back retracing my steps. Inside my head, I was thinking “Please Kuma come back, I need you in my life without you I’m nothing”. I walked for hours eager to find her I finally did in an unforgettable state. Kuma was killed by the green gas. I took her body to the rocket and the crew examined why she died. Hannah found out how she died “Kuma was killed by the green gas which is toxic to any lifeform that we know of”.

I failed my finish…. I went home in shame…

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