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My Story

23rd October 2019 along with 9.10 p.m as the time was written at the top right corner of the first page of the book titled “My Story”.

My life took a 360-degree turn this evening. It’s like a huge load weighing a tonne was placed on my shoulders. Before my life seemed like a deck of cards in which you could play however and whenever you want. But today I realized the true meaning of my existence. It’s because of the heart-to-heart talk when having evening tea with Mom and Dad.

The fact that I was curious to know about my past would be an underestimation. No matter how much I wanted to know about my birth, I’ve never ever thought that it would make me see how much I’m indebted to my parents.

It all started when out of nowhere Mom hugged me when Dad and I asked her why she is zoning out, breaking her reverie of thoughts which was not even broken by the whistling of the kettle. She said that the best gift they received from god was me. I was dumbfounded as to why was she saying this now. That’s when she told me that she recalled my early days, the days she was pregnant with me. That’s when the real talk started.

The sky was clear, not a single cloud to be seen, mixing midnight blues and purple, swirling together making beautiful contrasting lights and darks of the night sky. The stars were sparkling gorgeously as if someone took a handful of glitter and threw up to the sky.

She was looking up from the bench on the terrace, talking to the little one in her tummy. Along with her love was counting fingers for this day since their union as one. She wanted the firstborn to be a baby boy and readied almost everything varying from clothes to toys to toiletries in blue. But her husband dreamt of having a baby girl. So, on a calm spring night when the date on the calendar was the 5th of May I, Chathurya Umayanganie Kondapperuma daddy’s baby angel, mommy’s little princess was born, lightening up their whole life, making them fly over the moon.

The new addition to the family was handed over to the new daddy wrapped in a comforter. The new mommy was laying on the bed tiredly and could see the tears slipping from her husband’s eyes as he cradled their baby angel. When the baby was handed to the mother, she hugged the little one in a tight grip. The father was blowing his trumpet about his little angel to each and every one. Time was flying by and the day that Dad had to return to work as a merchant mariner came. And from then onwards it was like me and mom against the world. She raised me to be a great individual. Years flew by and my baby brother came into our lives after four years of my existence. I was overjoyed with the fact that I’m gonna be a big sister. It soon turned into sadness as I had to share my love for my parents with someone, as I was used to receiving all the love. It was a blow to my little heart. But when my gramps, who was a commander in Sri Lanka Army, and my granny who was a Nurse, explained that little brother needs much love and care, and how to take the role of big sister.

I always wanted to go to school like my cousins. But when the reality of school life set on me, I had even started to hate the word “School”.I threw tantrums to stay back at home without going to school.

That’s when the best teacher of life entered. The teacher was very much attentive to my little self who was full of questions and patiently answered them. Though an Islamic, the teacher always observed Buddhism in the mornings with her kids. Many questioned this, to which she replied,” These are my kids and the future of the country. It’s my responsibility to shape them into better and, my responsibility comes before everything”.

I again got to be a big sister to another baby brother at the age of eight, and was much more understanding than the last. As our dad was constantly abroad due to his job, our mother single-handedly brought us up which came to a point where the three of us and mom were against the world.

As I was very much of a tomboy, I became a scout at my teacher’s insistence and, went on hiking and did much community work. I got to meet many friends through this.

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My whole life took a 180-degree turn when I started playing piano and guitar, as I was a nerdy before. I got the opportunity to represent my school in all island western music competitions and was able to bring glory to my school beating all others.

The three of us lived very much eventfully. We were very mischievous which results in our mother taking a cane, to our horror. Sometimes it felt like world war 3 has emerged. If we are the soldiers, Mom is the captain-general.

Though my dad was not with us every day, we had a very joyful time touring the country which include engaging in sea baths, swimming in inland waters, visiting religious places, hill county mountains, and many more during his vacation time.

I grew up to be a teenager under my mom’s guidance. She has been my role model in every aspect. She won’t let us step out of our rooms in the morning, without making our beds, and is very much keen on cleanliness. To be frank, she’s the best cook in the whole world. From 4 a.m. to our bedtime, she gives me many lessons on life from the way she carries herself. She always shapes me to be independent in every step of my life. She is my best friend and a great adviser. She is a key role in turning my childish self into a worthy woman in society. I could see tears of happiness in Mom’s eyes when I achieved high, such as becoming a senior prefect, the house captain, and the president of the Literary Association at my school. Though my dad missed those events, at the back of my mind I knew that I have my dad’s blessings always.

No matter what I knew to never cross the limits, even though growing up in a mixed school. My parents trusted me very much as they know me with the back of their palm.

Eventually, I sat for the Ordinary Level exam and got the fortune to enter the alma mater Holy Family Balika Maha Vidyalaya. I cried silently on the day I got my leaving certificate from Lexicon International School, where I spent 13 successful years of my life from pre-school to grade 11.

I started a new era of my life studying Bio-science subjects for my Advanced level at my new school. I met many people coming from various backgrounds. From the multi-tasking girl, I was back to being a book nerd like Tessa Young in After by Anna Todd. I studied hard with the guidance of my teachers and sat for the most dreaded exam eventually. In the meantime during these two years, I got the opportunity to participate in the Interact club and engage in humanitarian activities.

I was lucky to be a magnificent pianist at school. Music made me an all-rounder. Being a Familian helped me to be a disciplined, kind, and great lady.

I need my parents for every step of my life. To others, it may seem silly, but it gave me much courage and strength in my mind. My siblings are my backbone. At home, we are like the biggest enemies of the universe, but when facing struggles from outside, we are thick as thieves.

I now understand that the characters in the novels, Hermione and Percy Jackson are just fictional and can never be real. I know that life is not a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns, but a mixture of them. Like a river reaches its destination with so many struggles, I hope to turn my invisible dream of becoming a doctor into a reality. As a 19-year-old, I have a long way to reach my destination.

With that thought in my mind, I closed my biography, setting a bookmark to the next page to start the next chapter of my life. After all, It’s me who should know what my future holds and after a hurricane, there’ll always be a Rainbow.

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